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How to Play Pool

The online pool game also known as 8-ball pool is perhaps one of the most popular games in online gaming arena. Pool is played on a 6-pocket pool table and has a rack of 15 balls and a cue ball. One of the main goals of pool games online is to pocket all seven of the coloured balls that are allotted to respective players - these balls can either be solid or stripes. Next, the player has to aim at pocketing the 8th ball before the opponents.

Pool has become an extremely popular 1v1 battle game - players get the chance to compete with other players in this 8-ball game. Although it might be similar to snooker and billiards, the pace of the game is quite fast.

How to Play Pool Game Easy Hacks

Here are some of the most common and relatively easier rules to know about how to play pool:

Steps to Play Pool Games

These are the main call break rules that you should remember.

  1. Items should be arranged in triangles.
  2. The object balls should be arranged in a way at the bottom of the table such that the apex ball is at the foot place.
  3. Apart from the ball, you can also place the balls randomly (numbered 8). This black ball is placed at the centre of the third row.
  4. A coin is tossed to determine who breaks first as soon as the game begins.
  5. After this, players take turns breaking the formation.
  6. In order to make a legal break, the player must strike four balls and make sure the cue ball does not land in a pocket while striking the balls.
  7. If a player pockets an 8-ball, he or she has the right to request a re-rack.
  8. Players who pot object balls will continue to pot balls (their group), while opponents pocket the other group.
  9. After a player has pocketed all the balls in his group, he can then pocket the 8-ball.

Common Fouls of Online Pool Game

Here are the common fouls that can happen in a pool game:

  1. When a player is not able to the object balls.
  2. Hitting the cue ball off the table.
  3. Pocketing the challenger's object balls.
  4. When the player hits the cue ball twice.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Play Pools

In pool, the only way to ace the game is by pocketing all of your balls, followed by the 8-ball.

    In order to ace pool, you have to understand the rules and always look to pocket your allocated balls before your opponent. Read and understand the rules that we have mentioned in order to be successful.

      Download the WinZO app, follow all the rules on how to play pool easily like a pro.

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