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What is the Standard Carrom Board Size?

Carrom is a popular indoor game and the rules differ from area to area. Play legit with the standard carrom board size and win like a pro! 

Have you ever played billiards? Carrom is somewhat similar but instead of pool cues and balls, you have to use your fingers and there are game pieces. The game is played between 2-4 people (singles or doubles) and is the most exciting game when played in tournaments. 

Carrom is a skill based game where you need the help of your fingers and a striker. You require a wee bit of knack of angles where you need to strike the game pieces to make them slide on the board towards the pockets. 

As exciting and thrilling it sounds, it is much more than just a board game. There are certain rules for the game and you should know all of them before you start the game. 

You can get a detailed information about the Carrom rules here: How To Play Carrom.

However, people often forget about the carrom board which is an essential equipment of the game. According to the formal professional Laws of Carrom by the International Carrom Federation, there is a standard size of Carrom Board that is meant for serious tournaments worldwide: 

Standard Carrom Board Size 

A smooth, square plywood board which is about 72cm or 74 cm square in size. Normally, it is positioned 60-70cm above the ground. You can see that there are 51mm circular holes in the corner of the board, they are called pockets. Also, you will see a small net underneath each hole which is meant to catch the game piece during the game when a player pockets them. 

Apart from this, there are diagonal lines (foul lines) on the board. These lines are actually the guiding lines that simplify the game play for the players. The thin rectangle on the edge of the board is known as the ‘baseline’ from which you need to flick the striker every time your turn comes up. 

At the end of the rectangles, there is a red circle of 3.8 cm diameter forming the baseline on the board. Now, at the centre of the board, there are two concentric circles. The centre-most circle matches the size of your game pieces. The other circle is about 6 times larger than the centre-most circle. Before you begin the game, the pieces are placed on these two concentric circles. 

PRO TIP: Use boric powder to polish your board to reduce the friction between the game pieces and the board. The game pieces slide smoothly on the board and it is easier to pocket them on a smooth board. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Carrom Board Size

Q) What is the standard size of the Carrom Board? 

A) The standard size of the Carrom board is 74*74 cm. It generally has a 5-10 cm border. Though, the board size may vary depending on the area.

Q) What is the height of the carrom board? 

A) Well, according to the International Carrom Federation, the height can vary from 63 cm to 70 cm. But if you are playing at your home, you can choose the height according to your comfort. 

Q) How do I choose a good Carrom Board? 

A) Always choose a flat plywood board. And check for irregularities or bumps on the board, for a smooth play you need a smooth polished board. 

Final Words 

That was all about Carrom board size which is standardized. However, in local shops you may find carrom boards of different sizes and lengths. 

You can choose a board according to the age of the player, comfort and of course, your choice. But for serious tournaments and competitions, you should have a standard size board. 

Carrom is also known by other names worldwide, like, carrom, couronne, carum, karam, karom, karum, and finger billiards. And the popularity has compelled the game developers to bring the game to your fingertips on WinZO app.

You can play from any corner of the world with random players. To save you from the gritty of losing, we have come up with simple carrom tips and tricks that you can find here.




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