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What is the Standard Carrom Board Size?

Carrom is a popular indoor game and the rules differ from area to area. Play legit with the standard carrom board size and win like a pro! 

Have you ever played billiards? Carrom is somewhat similar but instead of pool cues and balls, you have to use your fingers and there are game pieces. The game is played between 2-4 people (singles or doubles) and is the most exciting game when played in tournaments.

Carrom is a skill based game where you need the help of your fingers and a striker. You require a wee bit of knack of angles where you need to strike the game pieces to make them slide on the board towards the pockets. 

As exciting and thrilling it sounds, it is much more than just a board game. There are certain rules for the game and you should know all of them before you start the game. 

Choosing the right carrom board size is pivotal for an enjoyable gaming experience. It’s essential to consult a carrom board chart to make an informed decision. The standard size of a carrom board for adults is typically recommended to ensure comfortable gameplay. This size strikes a balance, offering enough room for strategic maneuvers without being too large. In professional carrom, the international carrom board size is adhered to for consistency and fairness in competitive play.

Players of all levels can appreciate the precision and balance offered by a board that meets the professional size standards. Whether you’re an enthusiast looking to enjoy a casual match or a seasoned player competing at the highest level, understanding the importance of the size of a carrom board ensures that the game’s essence remains intact.

You can get a detailed information about the Carrom rules here: How To Play Carrom.

However, people often forget about the carrom board which is an essential equipment of the game. According to the formal professional Laws of Carrom by the International Carrom Federation, there is a standard size of Carrom Board that is meant for serious tournaments worldwide: 

Standard Carrom Board Size

Here is a chart that shows the dimensions of the Federation Size Board carrom board:

Carrom Board SizePlaying Surface DimensionsTotal Board Dimensions
Federation Size29 inches x 29 inches35 inches x 35 inches
  • A smooth, square plywood board which is about 72cm or 74 cm square in size. Normally, it is positioned 60-70cm above the ground. You can see that there are 51mm circular holes in the corner of the board, they are called pockets. Also, you will see a small net underneath each hole which is meant to catch the game piece during the game when a player pockets them. 
  • Apart from this, there are diagonal lines (foul lines) on the board. These lines are actually the guiding lines that simplify the game play for the players. The thin rectangle on the edge of the board is known as the ‘baseline’ from which you need to flick the striker every time your turn comes up. 
  • At the end of the rectangles, there is a red circle of 3.8 cm diameter forming the baseline on the board. Now, at the centre of the board, there are two concentric circles. The centre-most circle matches the size of your game pieces. The other circle is about 6 times larger than the centre-most circle. Before you begin the game, the pieces are placed on these two concentric circles. 
  • Note: Federation Size carrom boards measure 35 inches on each side and have a 29-inch square playing surface, including the frame and edges.

Types of Carrom Boards

There are essentially two types of carrom boards. These are carrom board standard size. There also options pertaining to professional carrom board size:

Regular Carrom Board

This type of board is the most commonly used carrom board dimensions. It comes in different sizes. It is made of plywood with a smooth surface that is coated with a fine layer of powder to enable easy movement of the striker and coins. The edges of the board are usually covered with wood or plastic to prevent damage to the board.

Professional Carrom Board

This type of carrom board is used in professional tournaments and is larger and heavier than a regular board. It is made of high-quality wood and has a polished surface that is coated with lacquer for a smoother playing experience. The professional carrom board is also equipped with additional features such as pockets for storing coins and a stand to hold the striker.

Club Carrom Board

Club carrom boards are designed for enthusiasts and casual players who want a good gaming experience without the high cost of professional boards. These boards are typically affordable, and while they may not meet the exacting standards of professional play, they offer a smooth surface and decent rebound characteristics for enjoyable matches.

Family Carrom Board

Family carrom boards are perfect for relaxed family game nights. They often come in smaller sizes, making them ideal for children and family gatherings. While they may not adhere to professional standards, they provide a fun and accessible way for everyone to enjoy the game.

Kids’ Carrom Board

Specially designed for young carrom enthusiasts, kids’ carrom boards are even smaller in size, making them easy for children to handle. These boards typically feature colorful designs and are a great way to introduce kids to the game, helping them develop their motor skills and strategic thinking.

Tournament Carrom Board

These boards are specifically designed for serious and competitive players. Meeting the strict standards set by carrom governing bodies, tournament carrom boards provide a consistent playing surface with precise measurements and high-quality materials. They offer exceptional rebound and are the preferred choice for professional carrom matches.

Customized Carrom Boards

Some manufacturers offer customized carrom boards where players can choose the wood type, design, and size according to their preferences. These boards cater to individuals who seek a unique playing experience that aligns with their specific requirements.

Federation Size Board

The standard size for federation and tournament play is 29 inches by 29 inches. The board includes a border, resulting in a total size of 31 by 31 inches to 33 by 33 inches.

American Size Board

The American carrom board is tailored to American preferences. It features a lighter striker, smaller carrom men, corner pockets, and allows the use of a cue stick for striking.

Non-Standard Size Board

Non-standard carrom boards can vary in size, suitable for casual play among family and friends. These boards can be custom-made or DIY projects, with sizes like 20 inches by 20 inches or 30 inches by 30 inches. However, for competitive practice, it’s advisable to opt for the standard 29 inches by 29 inches board.

Frequently Asked Questions about Carrom Board Size

Q) What is the standard size of the Carrom Board? 

A) The standard size of the Carrom board is 74*74 cm. It generally has a 5-10 cm border. Though, the board size may vary depending on the area.

Q) What is the height of the carrom board? 

A) Well, according to the International Carrom Federation, the height can vary from 63 cm to 70 cm. But if you are playing at your home, you can choose the height according to your comfort. 

Q) Can I use any type of powder for my carrom board, or is there a specific kind to use?

A) It’s advisable to use carrom board powder, as it’s specifically designed to reduce friction and enhance gameplay. Using other powders or substitutes may affect the board’s performance.

Q) Do carrom boards come with a warranty, and if so, what does it typically cover?

A) Warranty policies can vary among manufacturers. Some offer warranties that cover manufacturing defects, while others provide more comprehensive coverage. It’s essential to check the warranty details when purchasing a carrom board.

Q) Can I replace the carrom board’s playing surface if it gets damaged or worn out?

A) Yes, many carrom board manufacturers provide replacement playing surfaces. If your board’s surface becomes damaged or shows signs of wear, you can often purchase a replacement to restore it to its optimal playing condition.

Q) How to maintain and clean a carrom board?

A) Regularly clean your carrom board with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and debris. Additionally, applying a small amount of carrom board powder on the playing surface can help maintain a smooth and low-friction playing experience.

Q) How to store a carrom board when it’s not in use?

A) To prevent warping or damage, it’s advisable to store your carrom board in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperature or humidity changes. Some boards come with protective covers that can help preserve their condition when not in use.

Q) How do I choose a good Carrom Board? 

A) Always choose a flat plywood board. And check for irregularities or bumps on the board, for a smooth play you need a smooth polished board. 




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