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How to Score and Save from Fouls in Carrom Board Game?

A thrilling strategy board game that Carrom is, one must be aware of the fouls and how you can score to win the game. Even if you are a beginner, you have to ace the game cuz’ that’s the gaming spirit. 

Carrom is played worldwide and it is the most exciting game that you’ll ever find. Strategy with a tad bit of your striking skills makes the game interesting and just like a game of billiards, your every pocket is sure to fill you up with joy of winning. 

Oh, yes! This is finger billiards without balls and pool cues! We know you are keen to know about the scoring part of the game and how to save yourself from fouls. Hence, without much further ado, let’s take you to the important part of the blog. 

How to Score in a Carrom Game?

If you want to score high, you need to know the points that you earn while playing. These points at the end of the game becomes your winning score. 

  • Whenever the game round ends, count the game pieces of your opponent left on the board. Each left game piece gives you 1 point. So, for example- if there are 5 game pieces left on the board, you have 5 points extra
  • Now, if you pocket the queen and also cover it, you have extra 5 points if your score is below 24
  • As there is no fixed number on the rounds, you can keep adding the scores from each round
  • And, during this, if you or anyone scores above 29, he/she is the winner of the game

For Example: You score 10 points in the first round and win, the next round your opponent scores 8 points, and he wins this round. Now, if there is another round, you score 14 points which gives you a score of 24 points. Let’s suppose the fourth round is won by your opponent having a score of 6 points (total 14 points). In the 5th round, you win and score 8 points which exceeds the 29 points (that are needed to win the game). So, altogether you win the game with a score of 32. 

Note: You can’t add extra 5 points after pocketing and covering the queen if your score is above 24. 

How to Save Yourself From Fouls in the Game? 

Well, a game without penalties doesn’t feel like a game! Isn’t it?

And knowing about them in detail only makes you save yourself from committing fouls. We know it is just a game and being too competitive might spoil the fun. But, then a little knowledge is still a dangerous thing. Therefore, let us talk about fouls in Carrom in detail: 

Whenever you incur a foul, your turn ends immediately and you are liable to give any of your pocketed game pieces to your opponent. Now, your opponent can place the game piece anywhere on the board. Generally, the opponent places the game piece in such a way that it becomes an advantage for him. 

A foul occurs when: 

  • You pocket the striker
  • You pocket an opponent’s piece
  • Any game piece leaves the board on your turn
  • You pocket the final piece before covering the Queen
  • You have incorrectly positioned the striker before taking a shot
  • If your arm crosses the diagonal line on the board
  • If you fail to break correctly on three attempts 

When you do not have any game piece: 

  • In such case, whenever you pocket your game piece, you will have to submit it as a penalty
  • And, the opponent keeps the game piece at the centre of the board (he does not place the piece for his advantage) 
  • Now, if the opponent forgets about the penalty, then no penalty is owed. 

Hence, to avoid fouls, you need amp up your shooting skills, read How To Shoot The Striker Effectively in Carrom.

Frequently Asked Questions about Carrom Board Game

Q) How are carrom points calculated?

A) You get one point for each game piece left of your opponent’s. Alos, you get 5 points if you pocket and cover the queen. No points if you have reached 24 points. 

Q) Who wins the carrom game?

A) After covering the queen, if you are able to pocket all your game pieces then you are the winner.

Q) How can I improve my aim in Carrom? 

A) Practise makes a man perfect. You can practise aiming on a plane board, set your angles, and strike without any game piece. Soon, you’ll amp up your angle game leading to pocket your game piece. 

Final Words 

That was all about how you can save yourself from fouling and how you can score more to win the game. 

We hope that after reading this blog, you are surely going to nail the game the next time you play. 

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