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What is Tambola, Understanding Tambola rules, winning patterns

Tambola, also known as Bingo, is a popular game that is played with a board of 90 numbers and tickets with a grid of 9×3 numbers. The game is played by marking the numbers announced by the host on the tickets, and the first player to complete any of the winning patterns on their ticket wins the game. Tambola is a fun and easy-to-play game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Tambola rules 

To keep the game fair to everyone each game has its rules and below are the following rules to play Tambola: – 

  1. Tambola is played with a board that has 90 numbers printed on it.
  2. Each player is given a Tambola ticket that has a grid of 9×3 numbers.
  3. The host of the game picks up a random number from a container and announces it to the players.
  4. If the number announced by the host is present on the player’s ticket, they have to mark it.
  5. The game continues until a player completes any of the following patterns on their ticket:
    • Full House: All the numbers on the ticket are marked.
    • Top Line: All the numbers in the top row are marked.
    • Middle Line: All the numbers in the middle row are marked.
    • Bottom Line: All the numbers in the bottom row are marked.
    • Four Corners: The four corners of the ticket are marked.
  6. The first player to complete any of the above patterns has to shout “Tambola” to inform the host and other players that they have won.
  7. The host then checks the winning player’s ticket to ensure that all the marked numbers are valid.
  8. If the player’s claim is found to be valid, they are declared the winner, and the game ends.

With understanding of Tambola rules it is also important to learn some Tambola tips & tricks: –

  • Learn different patterns: – As there are different winning patterns in this game you should learn them all properly to avoid mistakes.
  • Be attentive: – Do not miss out on any number called by the host, missing out on single number can make you close to losing the game.
  • Focus is the key: – Be concentrated in this is important to observe the winning pattern and what numbers being called.

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