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Ludo Game Tricks

It is quite important to understand ludo tricks if you are truly a fan of this game and wish to be an expert winner. There are always some hooks that bring you closer to the wins, especially when you are playing paid games or championships. Continue reading to know the best tricks to win ludo and be an unbeatable winner!

Top 7 Ludo Tricks to be an Expert

Whether you are new to the game or had been playing for quite a time but wish to know all the hacks of the game, here are the important ludo tricks that you must know before challenging others for the game:

1. Open all your pieces as early as possible

When the game starts, all the pieces are in yards of your respective color and whenever you roll a 6 on the dice, these pieces open one by one. Many times it happens that we open a piece and start moving ahead with that one. Even if we get a 6, we keep taking further steps rather than opening a new piece from the yard. If you wish to have enough chances in your hand and want to be in the game even if an opponent captures your piece then you need to open all your pieces as early as possible.

2. Remain spread out across the route

You need to keep moving all your pieces and set a strategy if you wish to be a winner. Maintaining an optimal gap between your pieces and remaining spread across the entire route helps you in keeping a check on others’ gameplay too. While remaining spread, you can capture other’s pieces too whenever you get an opportunity or abstract their way with your existence in between the route.

3. Capturing the opponent’s pieces

You need to capture the opponent’s pieces whenever possible. This is one of the most important ludo tricks that can turn you into a winner! Never miss a chance of cutting a piece that belongs to your opponent. Whenever it is in the route just cut it or if your piece is residing at the first step and an opponent’s piece comes in the region, start following it as you may soon get a chance to capture it. This will disturb the challenger’s game plan and they will have to wait for a 6 on the dice to bring it back in the game.

4. Always have an escape route prepared in advance

While keeping your pieces spread out over the ultimate route, always look for the safe places that the game offers you. There are about 8 safe places on the board, that is no one can cut your pieces on these steps. Try to reside your pieces on these spots so that no one cuts them when you are moving forward with another piece.

You also need to be prepared that your piece can also be captured by the opponent. In such a case, you must have another piece in a good position if you don’t want others to have a lead in the game

5. Block the way

Don’t let your opponent overpower the game and for this, you need to block their way! Yes, as you have spread your pieces across the board, you can easily block others’ way. Stay in a safe position and start following others' pieces as soon as they cross you. This helps you in cutting others’ pieces along with creating fear in your opponent’s mind.

6. Don’t take risks near home

To enter the home pavilion, you have crossed the entire route and you can not afford to get your piece cut at this moment. You can avoid such a situation by keeping your piece reside in a safe spot until you get enough numbers that make you enter your home pavilion where no one can capture your piece. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid risk when your pieces are near the home.

7. Know all the rules

One of the most important ludo tricks is to thoroughly understand the rules of the game and follow them meticulously. Opening a piece with a 6 on dice, reaching the home as early as possible, etc. are some of the rules to be kept in mind while playing the game.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ludo Tricks

Knowing the tricks to play ludo helps you in having a better hold on the game and setting up a game strategy. If you are playing a paid boot then make sure that you know at least some tricks in your hand, otherwise, the opponent may overpower the whole challenge.

    Try to open your pieces as early as possible. You must be knowing that you can open a piece only after the dice show 6 during your turn. Use these chances and open all your pieces whenever your dice roll 6 while playing the ludo game.

      No, there is no trick to get a six in ludo while playing online. However, whenever you play a game there are always favourable ways of playing it. Many believe that the tap on the dice determines the number that will be rolled whereas some believe that the timer rolling makes changes in the number rolled over the dice. But, these are just personal perceptions.


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