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Play Player Xchange on WinZO

WinZO offers Player Xchange - fantasy cricket presented in a unique format that allows users to purchase stocks representing different players, with the price of these assets fluctuating based on demand, supply, player performance in matches, and the relative performance of other players.

Operating as a 24/7 liquid marketplace, users have the flexibility to buy and sell stocks at any time. WinZO functions not only as an exchange but also as a market maker, ensuring liquidity for users by providing constant availability of trades. This dynamic system provides an engaging and interactive experience for individuals looking to invest in the performance of players in various matches.

How to Play Player Xchange

You need to download the WinZO app to play the Player Xchange game. The following are the steps to play the WinZO Player Xchange:

  1. Register on WinZO: Register yourself on the Winzo app and click on the Player Xchange
  2. Buy the stock of your favourite cricketer: Invest in the shares representing your favorite cricketer's performance in the stock market. By purchasing these stocks, you become a shareholder in the virtual representation of your chosen cricketer's success.
  3. Choose the quantity of stocks: Decide on the number of shares you want to purchase, reflecting your confidence in the cricketer's future performance. The quantity of stocks you buy determines your stake in their success and potential profits.
  4. Place an order: Submit your purchase order through a stock trading platform or brokerage firm. Specify the desired quantity of stocks you wish to acquire and follow the necessary steps to complete the transaction.
  5. Hold the card and track price increases when people are buying stocks: Once you have acquired the stocks, you can hold onto the virtual 'card' that represents your investment. Keep an eye on the stock's price movements as more people buy into the cricketer's success. Increased demand for the stocks may lead to price appreciation.
  6. Track cricketers' batting, bowling, and fielding performances: Stay updated on your favorite cricketer's performance on the field. Monitor their batting, bowling, and fielding statistics to assess their potential impact on the value of the stocks you hold. Strong performances may drive increased interest and demand for the stocks.
  7. Claim your profit by selling the card: When you believe it's the right time to capitalize on your investment, you can sell the stocks representing your cricketer's performance. By selling the 'card' you can claim the profit gained from the appreciation in the stock price. The timing of the sale depends on your investment goals and market conditions.

Popular Players on WinZO Player Xchange

shubman gill

Shubman Gill

The young India batter has had a stunning in the League season. He has already scored two consecutive centuries in the league.


Suryakumar Yadav

After a below-par start to this in the League campaign, Suryakumar Yadav has hit his stride and has already played a number of match-winning innings for Mumbai Indians.

Ruturaj Gaikwad

Ruturaj Gaikwad

Another young Indian batter who has become a prolific run scorer for Chennai in the in the League. He stands up in crunch situations for the side.


Akash Madhwal

He was the star of the show in the eliminator against Lucknow where he ended with figures of 5 for 5.

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya

Gujarat’s captain, Hardik Pandya has been a key all-rounder for the side in the league.


Cameron Green

The Australian all-rounder was the big-ticket signing by Mumbai Indians and after an iffy start to his in the League campaign.

Vijay Shankar

Vijay Shankar

One player who has been used superbly by Gujarat. He has been at his absolute best in the in the League this season.


Piyush Chawla

He has controlled the middle overs and is Mumbai’s leading wicket taker so far this in the League.

Benefits of Playing WinZO Player Xchange

The following are the benefits of playing Player Xchange on WinZO:

winzo player xchange
  1. Stay involved with the game - make your team and always be closely following your players.
  2. If picked, the stock of any player can be retained for the series - this ensures that you do not have to constantly chop and change your players.
  3. As opposed to Fantasy cricket, you will never lose money even when your players do not perform.
  4. Every ball is an event - and hence, you can trade (buy or sell) stocks with every ball during the match.
  5. You can do better research and pick your stocks basis conditions on offer and the opponents.

WinZO Player Xchange Leaderboard

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Frequently Asked Questions about WinZO Player Xchange

Yes, you can trade players during the match. Follow each ball and make your decisions on the basis of how the match is being played.

If you have picked stocks of a player, you can retain them for the entire series. Be patient and trust your instincts.

Yes, you can win cash for playing Playing Xchange. Buy and sell stocks and win cash as per the performance of your players.

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