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WinZO World War

WinZO World War is an exclusive championship that involves unlimited entertainment and excitement. It is an amalgamation of almost all the games and you can participate in this championship along with others just by entering the war room! Choose your team and get ready for time-based challenges. The championship gives you a chance to be a part of the winning team and share the burden of acing towards victory. If you are a gaming junkie and wish to play with a minimal amount and earn real cash in return, then WinZO World War is a perfect escape for you!

How to Play WinZO World War

You need to download the WinZO app to play the World War game. The following are the steps to play the WinZO World War:

  1. Register yourself on the Winzo app and click on the World War icon.
  2. You will see a series of games lined up. Select the game you wish to play and also check the entry price that starts from INR 2.
  3. On entering the selected game, you need to choose the team in which you would like to participate. In case, if you fail to select a team then it is automatically chosen for you.
  4. After this, you proceed to the game room where the timer is on. Indulge in the already open challenge and try to play in the best manner.
  5. Once the game completes, the scores of both teams are declared along with your winning amount.

Kindly note that if your chosen team loses, you may lose the amount you used while entering the game.

List of Games on WinZO World War

Penalty Shoot

Penalty Shoot

The game involves shooting at goals from the penalty mark.

Rapid Shoot

Rapid Shoot

This is a sling shooting game and you need to make as many shots as possible.

Fruit Samurai

Fruit Samurai

An arcade game where you need to swipe your screen to chop the bouncing fruits while escaping from explosives.

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

You need to smash the coloured bubbles with at least three being of the same colour.

Basket Ball

Basket Ball

Like the usual basketball games, you need to shoot the balls in the basket from different positions.



Playing your favourite sport of cricket in your own way and living your dream of hitting shots.

Candy Match

Candy Match

You need to match at least three candies and crush all the candies on the screen to reach the next level.

Knife UP

Knife UP

This fun game is a one-touch activity and works reflexes and knife-throwing skills.

Benefits of Playing WinZO World War

The following are the benefits of playing the World War on WinZO:

world war benefit
  1. You get a chance to play your favourite game with a team.
  2. You can win real cash money for all your wins.
  3. The ownership of victory is shared with others and keeps you relaxed.
  4. All the games are based on time and it keeps the excitement on.
  5. You get a chance to play in your favourite champion’s team.

WinZO World War Leader Board

world war leaderboard

Frequently Asked Questions about World War

You can indulge in the championship as long as possible and there is no time limit. However, the individual games are time-based and you can check the ongoing time on the screen while choosing your preferred game.

No, you can’t switch between the teams once a game has started.

Yes, if your chosen team wins the game then you will undoubtedly win the real cash reward for playing games in the world war.

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