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Play Archery Game Online on WinZO

Play Archery Game Online on WinZO

Players: 2-4
Genres: Sports Game
Playing time: 5 mins
Archery, or the usage of bows and arrows in layman's words, stretches back to prehistoric times when humans employed it for hunting or in conflicts. Bow and arrow use has primarily been limited to hunting. Archery games have lately emerged as a prominent sporting event, making its way to the World Games and the Olympics. Online archery has also grown in popularity in recent years.
Online Archery on the WinZO app isn't all that different from its offline equivalent. The user must shoot the moving bullseye targets to earn points. The goal is a circular board with stripes divided into ten rings. The archer can reach a maximum score of 10 with a single shot, with 1 being the lowest.
Download the WinZO app and begin playing Archery game online to experience a real-life setting while playing one of the world's most popular games. The best thing is that you may participate in battles and tournaments, as well as win real cash and awards on a daily basis, all from the comfort of your own home.

How to Play Archery Game

how to play archery game online

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Join the table and Enjoy the Game!

  • When the game begins, pay close attention to the concentric rings. Then, while holding and dragging, aim at the target.

  • Remember that the targets are could be or could not be stable and might move in a variety of directions. As a result, you should maintain your focus at all times. When you get your sights fixed on the bullseye, press the release button to shoot at the target.

  • The wind plays a significant effect in determining the direction of arrows. You must be aware of which direction the wind is blowing and make your shot accordingly.

  • Your points are calculated dependent on the number the arrow lands on. You do not receive any points if the arrows entirely miss the target.


Archery Game Rules


You actually have more time than you think: While it may appear that the timer is ticking away quickly, don't let this deter you. You have ample time to aim, indicate your position, and fire.


Practice as much as you can before moving on to the cash games. Take your time getting used to the app by playing the free practise games before diving into the combat.


You actually have more time than you think: While it may appear that the timer is ticking away quickly, don't let this deter you. You have ample time to aim, indicate your position, and fire.


Practice as much as you can before moving on to the cash games. Take your time getting used to the app by playing the free practise games before diving into the combat.


If you're new to the app, head to the free bouts and practice for free to get a feel for it other tournaments or matches have various boot amounts which will help you win money.


Keep arrows pointed down or towards the target.

Archery Games Online Tricks


To Aim at the Target, Drag the Arrow

The target in WinZO online archery game is continually shifting, making it even more difficult to hit the bull's eye. You can hold and drag the arrow before releasing it to aim at the moving board's bull's eye. Attempt to obtain the + sign in the centre of the target and then release promptly. The importance of releasing the arrow at the right time cannot be overstated. Timing is critical not just because you have a limited amount of time to release the arrow, but also because you want to finish the rounds with a higher score than your opponent.

Analyze the Direction of the Wind While Playing

The wind is another important game feature that offers a difficulty and prevents you from hitting the target. Before each shot, you are provided the wind direction when the game begins. It merely signifies that the arrow's direction is likely to be influenced by the wind. When you are about to release the arrow, the wind direction appears on the screen.

Maintain Your Concentration

While playing the online archery game, you may come across a few distractions that will prevent you from hitting the target. For example, you may see the round your opponent is playing, which may distract you, and you may become concerned that your opponent will finish the game before you, and the game will end before you have completed all of the rounds.

Avoid Looking at Opponents Score

You can see your opponents' scores after each turn, which may be distracting. As a result, if you want to hit the target, you need avoid looking at your opponent's score and concentrate solely on your own. However, make sure you don't spend too much time perfecting your aim and firing the arrow.

Bow Balance Perfection

Perhaps you're new to archery and are attempting to learn everything you can. Perhaps, on the other hand, you've been a good archer for years and are reading this because you're obsessed and can't get enough.

How to Grip a Bow

The grip is the only part of your bow that you touch during the shot, it's critical to get it right. Despite this, I believe that grip is one of the most undervalued aspects of good shooting technique.

Interesting Facts about Archery

The Origin Story – Archery Game, the Great Indian Game

Olympic History

South Korea has won more Olympic gold medals in archery than any other country.


Female Archery Olympian

Eliza Pollock is the oldest female Olympic medalist. When she aged 63, she won a gold medal and two bronze medals in archery at the 1904 Olympic Games.


National Sport

Archery is such a popular national sport in Bhutan that practically every village has its own archery range.



An upshot is the final arrow shot in an archery tournament.


Different Parts of a Bow in Archery

Archery bows are made up of three major components: limbs, risers, and bowstrings. These sections may seem and perform differently in different styles, but they always fulfill the same objective.

  1. Limbs: The limbs flex and produce the force that will move into and propel your arrow ahead. They are affixed to the riser and keep the bowstring in place at both string nocks.
  2. Riser: The riser is the central section of the bow that houses the grip, arrow rest, and sight window. This is frequently made of wood and, in some cases, composite materials. The riser you require depends on whether you are left- or right-handed.
  3. Bowstrings: The bowstring is a string with a loop at either end made of various materials. The bowstring retains the arrow and generates additional energy, allowing you to make a better shot.



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150K+ Rating



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Frequently Asked Questions About Archery Game

Archery is a sport that involves firing arrows with a bow, either at an inanimate target or while hunting.

Archery is scored by assigning a value to each ring of the Archery target that archers shoot at to get points. The center ring is worth 10 points, and the other rings are numbered 9-1 inside to outside. There are no points awarded if the arrow misses the target.

Any player can make money by playing Archery. If you have mastered the sport or are a pro at it you can go on the WinZO app and play for various boot amounts as per your comfort and earn money from the same.

WinZO Archery on the WinZO app is without a doubt the best archery game on the market. Archery on WinZO is as good as playing the sport in real life, with amazing graphics and a seamless experience.

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