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Ludo for Couples: A Fun and Romantic Way to Spend Time Together

If you are looking for ways to spend a good time with your better-half at home, playing indoor games might sound like a good idea. Playing board games together can be an enjoyable way for couples to bond and strengthen their relationship. You get to spend quality time together, and also learn new things about each other through a friendly competition. And in case you want to make it romantic, losing the game on purpose to let your partner win may be a good idea.

There are several indoor games that couples can play, but if you are looking for one that has a shorter length, Ludo will be the best option. You can wrap up the game in a maximum of 20 minutes. In case you and your partner are in a long distance relationship, you both can play Ludo with each other over the phone.

Ludo is the perfect game to connect with people despite the different locations. All you need to do is to download Ludo. Get WinZO and start playing Ludo online.

Origin and History of Ludo

Ludo is believed to have evolved from ancient Indian board games. But in ancient India, Ludo was not exactly similar to the modern version it evolved into. Historians say that Ludo was first played in India around 1500 BCE, and it was also popular among the Mughal emperors in the 16th century. However, the modern version of Ludo, which we play today, originated in England in 1896. Soon later, the board game spread to other parts of Asia and Europe. Ludo has different names in different parts of the world, including Pachisi and Sorry.

Reasons why Ludo makes for a fun game for couples

  • Short play time: A game of Ludo usually lasts for 15-20 minutes if only two people are playing it. At the end of a long day when you want to spend some quality time with your better half, Ludo could make for a great option.
  • Easy accessibility: Ludo is not one of those games which can be played only in person. You can play it on your phone or computer too. So if you are in a long distance relationship, all you need to do is install an app that lets users play ludo cash with one another.
  • Simple rules: Ludo is simple to understand and play. Like a few other games including chess, ludo does not require tutoring the player. You just need to read the rules once to be able to play the game.
  • It is exciting: Ludo is simple to play, but involves a lot of excitement because it involves rolling the dice, the result of which depends on the player’s next move on the ludo board. The suspense brought by the dice adds excitement to the game.

Alternatives to Ludo

Just in case you do not want to play Ludo, try these games instead to spend quality time with your partner –

  • Uno – This is another massively popular game, the main objective of which is to be the first player to discard all their cards. Played between 2-10 players and by people of all ages, the card game has a short play time like Ludo, and is easy to understand.
  • Carrom – Like Ludo, carrom can also be played on the phone and requires minimal skills or prior learning of the game. If played between only two players, a game of carrom can be wrapped up in 10 minutes. The objective of carrom is to send as many carrom men (pieces) into the pockets of the carrom board to collect maximum points. Each carrom men or piece has different points value.


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