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Ludo Game Strategy: How to Master the Board?

We all use strategy-making skills in our day-to-day life, but using them in the most popular game Ludo, is a fun way to enhance your skill and test its capabilities. Ludo is a fantastic board game played and beloved all over the world, despite using slight changes in rules according to the region’s culture. In fact, you can play ludo cash game online with standardized rules, on India’s largest online gaming platform WinZo.

With good strategy and planning, we can win the game although it is a game of chance and luck, let’s explore some essential Ludo strategies that you can use to master the board one move at a time.

Clarity of Goal

To master the ludo board, it is important to be very clear about the main goal of your game which is solely winning for everyone. The goals should be aligned with the overall vision and mission of the organization. Clarifying your route to winning in the game increase your chances of achieving your ultimate goal of winning.

Resources Allocation

Ludo game and its board give you many the resources like the advantage of the first chance, safe boxes, dice roll value etc. Allocating these resources rightly at the right time gives you opportunities to make your opponent weak.

Competitive Analysis

It is important to analyze the competition to understand the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help in identifying the opportunities and threats in the game which helps in knowing if your strategy is working well or not. Competitive analysis help in moving forward to your winning goal and strengthening the game.

Balance Offense And Defense

While you want to move your pieces forward, it’s also important to keep some pieces back to defend your home base. You don’t want to leave it wide open for your opponents to swoop in and capture your pieces.

Take Advantage of the Start

The start of the game is the most crucial part. The player who goes first has an advantage, as they have the opportunity to move their pieces closer to the home row. The key is to make the most out of your first move. You can either move one piece to the maximum number of spaces or move two pieces to get a head start.

Prioritize Moving Out of the Starting Area

Start with getting your pieces out of the starting area as soon as possible. Your main aim should be to get all your pieces out of the starting area and onto the board, as this will increase your chances of making progress in the game.

To test your skills and strategy-making capabilities you do not need to set up a physical board game, you can download a ludo online game with WinZo. It offers exciting prizes and lets you earn money. Try your strategy skills now.



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