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What is Net Worth of Ishan Kishan

Cricket, often regarded as a religion in India, offers immense financial rewards to its players. The combination of national fervour and substantial investments from sponsors and leagues has turned cricket into one of the most lucrative professions in the country. This is particularly evident in the Indian Premier League (IPL), where top players earn astronomical sums, further supplemented by endorsements and commercial deals. The financial ecosystem around cricket in India ensures that talented players not only achieve fame but also accumulate significant wealth.

Ishan Kishan, a young and dynamic cricketer, exemplifies this trend. Making his debut for the Indian national team in 2021, Kishan quickly established himself as a formidable batsman. His aggressive playing style and consistency have earned him a place among the elite players in Indian cricket. Before his international debut, Kishan had already made a name for himself in the IPL, where he has been a key player for the Mumbai Indians. His performances in the IPL, one of the most competitive and high-paying leagues globally, have significantly boosted his profile and net worth.

Today, Ishan Kishan is not only recognized for his on-field numbers but also as one of the wealthiest young cricketers in India. His earnings from IPL contracts, match fees, and a plethora of endorsements reflect his growing stature in the cricketing world. If you are wondering what is the net worth of Ishan Kishan, read on to find out. 

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Ishan Kishan Net Worth – Source of Income 

As of 2024, Ishan Kishan’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 8 million. Ishan Kishan net worth in rupees is 66 crores. At just 25 years old, Kishan has built a substantial fortune through various income streams. Let’s explore the primary sources of his wealth in more detail.

BCCI Contact

According to the new BCCI contract structure released in February 2024, Ishan Kishan has not been included in the annual contract recommendations for this season. Up until 2023, Kishan was categorized as a C-grade player. The BCCI contract pays Rs 7 crore per annum for A-plus bracket players, Rs 5 crore for A category, Rs 3 crore for B category, and Rs 1 crore for C category players, excluding match fees.

Match Fees

Despite frequently moving in and out of the Indian team, Kishan has played 61 matches for India across all formats. Currently, the BCCI pays Rs 11 lakh per Test match, Rs 7 lakh per ODI, and Rs 3 lakh per T20I. These match fees contribute significantly to his overall earnings.

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Earnings from the IPL

The Indian Premier League has been the most significant contributor to Ishan Kishan’s net worth. Kishan made his IPL debut with the Gujarat Lions in 2016, when the franchise acquired him for Rs 3.5 crore.

In 2018, the Mumbai Indians secured his services for Rs 6.2 crore. Before the 2022 mega auction, the franchise retained him for a staggering Rs 15.2 crore, and he received the same amount for the 2023 season. Overall, Kishan has earned approximately Rs 56 crore from the IPL alone.


Ishan Kishan’s high brand value in international cricket has made him a popular choice for endorsements. He has endorsed a variety of brands, including CEAT, Blitzpools, VIVO, Reserve Bank of India, Oppo India, Noise, SG Sports and Manyavar.  According to a few reports, CEAT has paid INR 1 crore to Ishan Kishan for displaying their sticker on his bat.

These endorsements significantly boost Ishan Kishan net worth and highlight his marketability. Through a combination of his international career, match fees, substantial IPL earnings, and lucrative endorsements, Ishan Kishan has successfully amassed a considerable fortune by the age of 25.

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Expensive Assets of Ishan Kishan 

Two Homes

Ishan Kishan is the proud owner of two luxurious homes, one located in his hometown of Patna and the other in the bustling city of Mumbai.

Patna Residence – Ishan’s Patna home is an elegant apartment that includes three well-appointed bedrooms. The interiors are tastefully designed, featuring minimalist furniture and vibrant accents that create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Mumbai Residence – In Mumbai, Ishan resides in a stunning apartment situated in the upscale neighbourhood of Malad. This residence exudes modern elegance, with an open and airy living space highlighted by plush sofas and chic decor.

Large windows flood the area with natural light and offer breathtaking views of the city. The apartment’s most notable feature is its spacious kitchen, designed for culinary enthusiasts. It boasts sleek countertops and top-of-the-line appliances, making it a perfect place for gourmet cooking.

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Ishan Kishan is well-known for his passion for luxurious and rare timepieces. His impressive watch collection includes some of the most prestigious international brands. Among his prized possessions are exquisite models from Franck Muller, renowned for their intricate designs and craftsmanship.

Additionally, Kishan owns several Rolex watches, a brand synonymous with elegance and precision. His collection also features rare pieces from Patek Philippe, one of the most esteemed names in the world of watches. These watches not only serve as status symbols but also reflect his sophisticated taste and appreciation for fine craftsmanship.


Beyond his impressive watch collection, Ishan Kishan, at just 25 years old, has amassed an enviable collection of luxury cars. His garage houses a sleek BMW 5 Series, known for its blend of performance and luxury, offering a smooth and powerful driving experience. He also owns a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, a car that epitomizes elegance and advanced technology. Adding to the allure of his collection is a Ford Mustang GT, a high-performance sports car that combines classic American muscle with modern engineering. Each of these vehicles highlights Kishan’s penchant for style and high performance.

Ishan Kishan Career

Ishan Kishan captained India’s squad in the 2016 Under-19 Cricket World Cup and was part of the Indian team that won the 2023 Asia Cup. In the IPL, he was bought by Gujarat Lions in 2016 and by Mumbai Indians in 2018. Kishan was the highest run-scorer for Mumbai in the 2020 season with 516 runs from 14 matches and won the award for hitting the most sixes.

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Ahead of the 2022 IPL, Mumbai Indians bought him for ₹15.25 crore, making him the second-most expensive Indian player at the auction. Kishan made his T20I debut for India in March 2021 against England, scoring 56 from 32 balls and earning the player of the match award. He made his ODI debut in July 2021 against Sri Lanka, scoring 59 from 42 balls. In December 2022, Kishan scored 210 runs off 131 balls against Bangladesh, becoming the youngest and fastest player to score a double century in an ODI.


Ishan Kishan’s journey from a young cricket enthusiast in Patna to one of India’s prominent cricketers is a testament to his talent, hard work, and determination. At just 25, Kishan has amassed a substantial net worth, driven by his performances in international cricket, the IPL, and various lucrative endorsements.

His impressive collection of luxury assets, including high-end watches and cars, reflects his success and growing stature in the cricketing world. As he continues to evolve and achieve new milestones, Ishan Kishan’s net worth is likely to see significant growth, solidifying his place among the wealthiest and most influential cricketers in India.



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