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Know about How to Play Solitaire

Solitaire is an interesting brain churning indulgence that teaches patience and is not only referred to as an online game but believed to be an exercise for the brain and teaches the player forbearance. The game is also known with the name of patience and card solitaire. It is a kind of card game in which the aim is to organise the cards in a systematic order. If you wish to learn how to play solitaire efficiently, prior to that you must understand the rules and other important details of the solitaire game.

Rules to Play Solitaire Game

There are no difficult rules to playing the solitaire game online, however, you need to understand a few rules to play the game:

  • While arranging the cards you need to make sure that all are set in the ascending order. 
  • Always remember that only a single card can be moved at a time until you are dragging a sequence of an adequate suite. 
  • When you are moving a card to a respective column, you need to ensure that it is the subsequent number to the last card and belongs to the opposite colour. 
  • The stockpile in solitaire has the remaining cards that give the loop to the missing numbers on the screen. You need to churn the stockpile to get the preferred card.

How to Play Solitaire Online

Solitaire is an easy-to-play game, however, it takes times time to master it. Continue reading to know how to play solitaire:

Aim of the game: The aim of a solitaire game is to pile all the cards of the 4 suits in ascending order while following the category. In this game, the screen is divided into 3 sections, which are, piles displaying jumbled cards, stock from where you can drag the desired card, and foundations, where you place the cards starting from the Ace.
Setting up order: The cards should be moved to the four foundations in a certain order, with King on the top and Ace at the bottom. To arrange them, you can pick cards from the stockpile according to your convenience.
Arranging of piles: The piles of cards show the number on the upper card, and the remaining cards are hidden. If you have the possibility of moving the upper card then check the number and suit below it and proceed further. Kindly note that you can drag sequences within the piles and a blank pile can be filled by King cards only.
Completion: A solitaire game completes only when all four suits are arranged in ascending orders. If you are playing this game on Winzo then you get a limited time to reach the aim. You also have 1 to 3 challengers on the game table and the one who wins the game gets rewarded with the real cash.

Objectives of Solitaire Game

The main objective of the solitaire is to arrange cards and shift them from the stockpile to the foundations. The cards are required to be arranged according to suit and in ascending way which starts from ace to king. It is a brain-churning game and teaches patience every time you play it.

Tricks of Solitaire Game Online

An important aspect while learning how to play solitaire is to learn some tricks

Unveil the first Stock card as soon as the game begins as it may help you in setting up a game plan.
Resolve the existing piles before proceeding further. This act saves time by revealing the hidden cards.
Churn your brain and stay patient before moving your cards to the foundation pile.
Use the undo button in case of wrong moves. However, points are deducted for doing the same.
You might not be able to complete the game but you can be a winner if you are playing it on the Winzo App as you just need to be ahead of the other challengers on your table.

The Winzo app is one of the leading platforms in India to play multiple online games and win real cash rewards. You can start playing online solitaire games on Winzo and get a chance to contest other players. However, this is a single-player game but this platform makes you show your manoeuvres and intelligence and beat other players. If you wish to have the best encounters in the solitaire game then download the Winzo app and indulge in a never-ending gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Play Solitaire

How can I win an online solitaire game?

The following are the quick tips to play solitaire online:

Open the stockpile to catch hold of the game and drag them to the piles while arranging the cards in ascending order.
Remain calm while moving cards to the foundation pile, as you may need them later.

Where can I play solitaire online?

Solitaire is an online game and can be played on various gaming platforms. The Winzo app is an amazing podium to indulge in online games and if you are playing solitaire here then you can also challenge others and win real cash for all your victories.



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