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Business Game Rules – Step-by-step Guide

As we all are aware nowadays being an entrepreneur is the new talk of the town, and why it shouldn’t be after all, as a child we all played this amazing business game called “Monopoly”. In this article, we going to talk about how to play and the rules of Monopoly business game. Let’s begin.

What Are Business Games?

Business games are simulations designed to mimic real-world business scenarios. They give participants the chance to practice their skills in a safe and fun environment, allowing them to gain experience without real-world risks.

What is Classic Business Games, aka, Monopoly?

Monopoly is a classic business board game that has been popular for over a century. It was created by an American woman named Elizabeth Magie in 1904 and was originally called “The Landlord’s Game.” The game was designed to teach players about the dangers of monopolies and the benefits of a single tax system.

9 Business Game Rules That Everyone Must Know

After knowing all about the game and its benefits, there are some rules to be followed to keep the game fair to everyone and learnings easy.

MONOPOLY is a game for two to four players, plus one banker. At the start of the game, each player is given Rs. 15,000/-. Players roll two six-sided dice in turns and use the numbers on them to move their tokens according to the number of spaces indicated on the dice.

1. Game Set-Up

Place the Monopoly game board on the table and put the Chance and Community Chest cards where they belong. Players place a game token on the “GO” square. Then, shuffle the Title Deed cards and deal two to each player.

2. Banker Selection

Banker must be one player. This player handles money transfers, property distribution, and bank holdings.

3. Dice Rolls

A dice roll determines who goes first. Play begins with the highest roll and continues clockwise.

4. Move Around the Board

Players roll the dice and move their game token that many spaces. Landed players can buy or not buy properties.

5. Collect Rent

Players who land on another player’s property must pay rent based on the property’s value.

6. Property Development

Players can buy houses and hotels to increase the rent from other players who land on their properties.

7. Use Chance and Community Chest Cards

Players who land on these spaces must draw a card and follow its instructions.

8. Go to Jail

If a player lands on the “Go to Jail” space, they must move their token to jail and cannot collect rent on their properties until they pay a fine or roll doubles to get out.

9. Win the Game

Play until one player is solvent. If a player cannot pay their debts, the bank takes their assets. The game-winner has the most money and assets.

By understanding the rules mentioned above you can learn the game faster and can become the wealthiest player in your squad.

Benefits of Monopoly Business game

Monopoly business games can be used as a means of developing various business skills in players which can prepare them for the real business world at any stage of their life akademische ghostwriter. Let’s look at the following benefits of playing Monopoly: –

Money Management

Financial decisions are an important part of any business. In MONOPOLY, you have to decide when and how you want to invest in properties and assess their risk-reward ratio. You will also have to calculate rent, and interest rates and develop strategies for collecting payments from other players. All these activities will give you a good understanding of how money works in business.


In Monopoly, negotiations with other players involve bargaining over prices, trading properties, and coming to agreements on debt repayments. Through this, you can learn how to negotiate effectively and understand the different incentives and motivations of your opponents. This helps give you an insight into successful business deals and strategies.

Risk Taking

You must make risks in MONOPOLY as well as in your own professional life. You need to judge whether investing in a particular property is worth taking the risk or not. If done correctly, the rewards can be considerable but if done wrong then it can hurt your game plan and even put you out of the game for good Programming Assignment Help! This game puts into perspective how we must make risks with confidence in any business situation that we face.

Wealth Tax in Business Game

Upon reaching the wealth tax threshold, you are required to remit Rs. 100 currency units to the bank for every house and Rs. 200 currency units for every hotel you own. However, the total tax amount should not surpass Rs. 500.

This is also called income tax in business game.

You must be excited to know the rules of the game which have such life-impacting benefits. If yes, then wait no further.


MONOPOLY is a great business game for developing skills it is enjoyable as well as educational, and it’s a great activity to do with family and friends or as a team-building exercise. So why not give it a try? Who knows—maybe you’ll come out of it with some newfound business skills!

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What is the purpose of Business Games?

Business games aim to simulate real-world business scenarios, providing players with practical insights into decision-making, strategic planning, and problem-solving within a risk-free environment.

What are the rules of International Business Game?

Rules in business games vary but generally involve making strategic choices, managing resources, and navigating market dynamics. The specific rules depend on the game’s design and objectives.

How much money should we give in business game?

The amount of money given in a business game varies based on the game’s complexity and objectives. It could range from a set starting capital to different amounts allocated to players based on their role or position.

How many players are in a business game?

The number of players in a business game can vary widely, typically ranging from two to several participants. The game’s dynamics and complexity often dictate the ideal number of players for a balanced and engaging experience.



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