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Becoming a Bubble Shooter Pro: Advanced Techniques and Patterns

Bubble Shooter game is an addictive puzzle game that has captured the hearts of millions around the world. While it may seem simple at first glance, mastering the game and becoming a Bubble Shooter pro requires a combination of skill, strategy, and a deep understanding of advanced techniques and patterns. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Bubble Shooter and explore the secrets to becoming a true master of the game.

I. The Fundamentals of Bubble Shooter

Before diving into advanced techniques, it’s essential to revisit the fundamentals of Bubble Shooter. The game involves shooting bubbles from a cannon at a playing field filled with various coloured bubbles. The objective is to clear the board by matching three or more bubbles of the same colour. By mastering the following fundamentals, you’ll establish a solid foundation for advanced play.

Aim and Precision

  1. Developing a keen sense of aim and precision is crucial in Bubble Shooter. Take your time to line up your shots accurately and anticipate the trajectory of the bubble. Aim for areas that will create chain reactions, causing multiple bubbles to pop with a single shot.

Bounce Shots

  1. Bounce shots are an advanced technique that allows you to reach areas that seem difficult to access. By aiming your shot off the wall or other bubbles, you can create more strategic plays and clear out tricky clusters of bubbles.

II. Advanced Techniques for Bubble Shooter Mastery 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s explore some advanced techniques that will help you elevate your Bubble Shooter skills to the next level.

Bank Shots

  1. Bank shots involve using the walls of the playing field to your advantage. By bouncing your shot off the walls at specific angles, you can create precise shots that clear out clusters of bubbles in hard-to-reach areas. Mastering bank shots requires practice and an understanding of how the bubbles will ricochet off the walls.

Colour Prediction

  1. As you progress in Bubble Shooter, it becomes essential to predict the colours of the upcoming bubbles. This skill allows you to plan your shots strategically and set up future moves. By observing the colours in the cannon and comparing them to the bubbles on the playing field, you can make calculated decisions that maximize your chances of success.

III. Recognizing and Utilising Bubble Patterns 

To become a Bubble Shooter pro, it’s crucial to recognize and utilize bubble patterns effectively. By identifying common patterns, you can anticipate the movement and plan your shots accordingly.

The Snake

  1. The Snake pattern consists of a line of bubbles that winds its way through the playing field. By targeting the right spots along the snake, you can quickly clear out a significant portion of the board. Look for opportunities to create chain reactions and eliminate multiple bubbles with each shot.

The Triangle

  1. The Triangle pattern involves three bubbles forming a triangular shape. Shooting the bubble at the tip of the triangle will cause it to collapse, often leading to a satisfying chain reaction. Keep an eye out for this pattern, as it can help you clear out clusters of bubbles efficiently.

IV. Mastering Bubble Shooter Strategy 

Becoming a Bubble Shooter pro requires strategic thinking. Here are some key strategies to keep in mind.

Plan Ahead

  1. Take your time to analyze the playing field and plan your moves ahead. Consider the potential outcomes of each shot and aim to create the most advantageous chain reactions. Think several steps ahead to maximize your chances of success.

Clear the Bottom

  1. Focusing on clearing bubbles from the bottom of the playing field is a smart strategy. This approach creates opportunities for bubbles to fall and potentially form new clusters, leading to more chain reactions and higher scores.


Mastering online Bubble Shooter is a journey that combines precision, strategy, and pattern recognition. By honing your aim, mastering advanced techniques like bank shots, and understanding bubble patterns, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Bubble Shooter pro. Remember to practice regularly, observe the playing field carefully, and most importantly, have fun! So, pick up your cannon, aim true, and embark on your quest to conquer Bubble Shooter like a true master!



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