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WinZO Rummy Rules

WinZO Rummy is a popular online rummy game that is played with two decks of cards. The objective of the game is to form valid sets and sequences using the cards in your hand, and then “declare” or “show” them to end the round.

Here are the Basic Rules of WinZO Rummy:

  1. 10% Rake is deducted from the pot. 

Eg: In a game of Rummy, if the pot upon declaration from all the players is Rs 10, Rs 9 is credited to the winning player.

  1. Each player has 30 sec to pick and discard a card during his turn. If a player does not complete these actions within the turn time, it is considered as a missed turn.  In case of a missed turn, the same picked card will be discarded. If a player misses 3 turns, then their game will be dropped at 40 points.
  2. At the start of each Rummy game, a player from the game is randomly selected as dealer and is denoted by the “D” symbol next to the profile image of the player on the Rummy table. Player sitting next to the dealer (clockwise direction) will be the first one to act.
  3. Two decks are used for the game of Rummy. Each deck has 54 cards which includes 52 suited cards (13 cards of each suite with 4 suites) and 2 printed jokers. Overall there are 108  cards in the game.
  4. Cards are shuffled before they are dealt to the players. Once all the cards in the closed pile are used during the game, the discarded pile cards are shuffled and reused for continuation of the game.
  5. After shuffling the cards, a card is picked from the pile and declared as Joker. This card can be seen underneath the closed pile on the Rummy table. All the other cards in the deck with the same denomination are considered as Joker for the rest of the game.
  6. If a player finishes the game and declares with more than 0 points, it is considered as invalid declaration. Upon invalid declaration, Player loses 80 points and the game resumes for other players.
  7. First drop: When you drop out of the game without playing any move, it is considered a first or initial drop. The penalty faced for a first drop is 20 points.
  8. Middle drop: When you drop out of the game anytime after playing your first move, it is considered a middle drop. The penalty incurred for a middle drop is 40 points.
  9. A player who finishes the game and declares before any other player is considered a winner. 
  10. If the card picked from the pile to declare as a wild card joker is a “printed joker”, then printed jokers are also considered as wildcard joker. No extra jokers will be available in this game apart from the printed jokers.
  11. If a player discards a Printed joker or Wildcard joker into the open pile, this card can not be picked by the player in the next turn, only closed pile cards are available for picking.
  12. In the deck, for scoring purpose, All the face cards (Ace, King, Queen and Jack) carry 10 points each. Cards 2 to 10, carry values equal to their denomination. For example 7 of Spades carries a score of 7. Printed Joker and Wildcard Joker do not carry any score (0 value).
  13. When a player makes a valid sequence which includes at least one pure sequence and another pure or impure sequence , the points corresponding to ungrouped cards are calculated. For instance, if a losing player has the 3 of clubs, 2 of hearts and King of Diamonds as their three ungrouped cards, they will receive a penalty of 3 + 2+ 10 = 15 points.
  14. The point values of all the cards a player has in hand will be tallied to determine the penalty points if they haven’t made a pure sequence.If a player has made one, the penalty points are determined by adding the point totals of just the ungrouped cards. Additionally, until a player has at least two sequences, including a pure sequence, the sets are not counted. Therefore, if a player creates a set and a pure sequence but not another sequence, this set becomes invalid and corresponding cards will be tallied for point calculation.
  15. Maximum points a player can be penalized is capped at 80 points. Even if the calculated points at the end of the game for a player is more than 80, player is penalized only 80 points.
  16. Malfunction voids all pays and plays
  17. On losing the 80 points, entire entry fee will be lost. For example, if you lose entire 80 points in Rs. 2 game then Rs. 2 will be lost.
  18. If you require to see details of your transaction history in terms of what were the cards dealt in each round, points aggregated in each round, etc. – please mail your challengeid/snapshot to grievanceofficer [at] winzogames.com and we shall provide you the details of your challenge.

Sequence Rules

  1. Three or more consecutive cards of the same suit are called a pure sequence.
  2. Impure sequence is Group of three or more cards in which one or more sequential cards have been replaced by a joker or jokers
  3. Three or more cards of the same denomination and different suits are called a set.
  4. A player must have at least two sequences for a valid declaration, including one pure sequence. Rest of the cards can be set in any valid combination of sequences/sets.

Winnings Calculation:

For a Rs 2 boot game, if the accumulated points of all the other players is 120. 

Winnings = 2 * (120/80) – Rake = Rs 2.7


If a player wants to dispute any game of Rummy, they can find the game from Transaction history and raise a dispute. Upon receiving the dispute query, WinZO will further investigate the game and process refunds to the player if the dispute is found genuine.

Refund :

  • Game is interrupted / could not start due to technical failure of the WinZO app/server.
  • If the opposition players collude leading to game loss.

No Refund : 

  • If the game is interrupted due to the internet connection on the player’s device.
  • Player kills the app and misses turns leading to game loss.

Detailed How To Steps:



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