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Bricky Blitz – Gameplay & Scoring


In this skill-based game, the objective is to place as many shapes on the grid as possible and clear the maximum number of rows and columns. 


  • Three shapes appear on the screen simultaneously, and players must swiftly place these shapes on the grid. 
  • Cognitive abilities are essential to strategically place shapes in a manner that completes either a row or a column, as completing one automatically clears it and creates more space for additional shapes. 
  • Players can strategize to complete two or more rows or columns simultaneously or consecutively to earn a bonus. 
  • Advance planning is crucial to (a) fit all three shapes efficiently and (b) leave enough space for upcoming shapes. 
  • Players can improve their performance through practice and increased familiarity with the game.


  • Players receive 10 points for each block placed on the grid. For example, placing a shape with 5 blocks earns the player 50 points. 
  • Completing a row or column grants the player 200 points. 
  • Completing 2 or more rows or columns simultaneously triggers a combo bonus. Completing 2 rows or columns at once awards 1.5 times the completed points (total 600 points), and completing 3 rows or columns simultaneously awards 2 times the completed points (1200 points), and so on. 
  • Completing 2 rows or columns simultaneously also earns the player a streak bonus of 500 points. 

On-screen Information Provided to Players:

  • Time: The game displays the total time at the start and shows the decreasing time to the player.
  • Score: The player’s score is continuously displayed, allowing them to track their progress. 
  • The player who accumulates the most points within the given time is declared the winner.


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