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Bricky Blitz – Gameplay & Scoring


In this skill-based game, the objective is to place as many shapes on the grid as possible and clear the maximum number of rows and columns. 


  • Three shapes appear on the screen simultaneously, and players must swiftly place these shapes on the grid. 
  • Cognitive abilities are essential to strategically place shapes in a manner that completes either a row or a column, as completing one automatically clears it and creates more space for additional shapes. 
  • Players can strategize to complete two or more rows or columns simultaneously or consecutively to earn a bonus. 
  • Advance planning is crucial to (a) fit all three shapes efficiently and (b) leave enough space for upcoming shapes. 
  • Players can improve their performance through practice and increased familiarity with the game.


  • Players receive 10 points for each block placed on the grid. For example, placing a shape with 5 blocks earns the player 50 points. 
  • Completing a row or column grants the player 200 points. 
  • Completing 2 or more rows or columns simultaneously triggers a combo bonus. Completing 2 rows or columns at once awards 1.5 times the completed points (total 600 points), and completing 3 rows or columns simultaneously awards 2 times the completed points (1200 points), and so on. 
  • Completing 2 rows or columns simultaneously also earns the player a streak bonus of 500 points. 
  • In case of the match ending in equal points for both players (including 0 for both players). The total prize amount will be equally shared with all the participants.

Important Information Provided to Players:

  • Time: The game displays the total time 90 seconds at the start and shows the decreasing time to the player.
  • Commission Fee: WinZO may charge a commission upto 15% commission on contests on WinZO. Actual applicable winnings post deduction of commission are shown on the entry screen to you.
  • Score: The player’s score is continuously displayed, allowing them to track their progress. 
  • The player who accumulates the most points within the given time is declared the winner.
  • Quit Pop-up – Once you enter the contest and we start finding opponent for you, if you decide to quit the game at any point in time, your entry amount shall be deducted and not refunded back
  • If a game is not completed due to a system malfunction on WinZO’s part, the amount will be automatically refunded. You also have the option to raise a support ticket from your Transaction History.
    However, in the event of a gameplay failure caused by poor network connectivity or any other disruptions or failures at the user’s end, no refund will be issued. Please ensure a strong and stable network connection before starting the game
  • When the game rules is accessed or we perform any other task during the game, the game will quit.
  • Reconnection is not allowed. In case player drops out of the game due to any circumstances, he/she will lose the game.


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