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Fruit Samurai – Gameplay & Scoring


In this skill-based game, the objective is to strategically swipe and cut all the fruits on the screen with dexterity while avoiding bombs to secure victory. 


  • Players need to employ hand-eye coordination. 
  • Effectively track the movements of the fruits. 
  • Accurately swipe to cut as many fruits as possible within a limited time.
  • Swiping and cutting multiple fruits in a single swipe yields bonus points.
  • Swiping a bomb or missing fruits will reset the screen. 
  • Missing swipes result in a loss of time for the player. 
  • Players must remain attentive to avoid swiping bombs. 
  • Some bombs may be positioned near the fruits, requiring extra caution.


  • Players receive 1 point for each fruit cut. 
  • Cutting 3 or more fruits in a single swipe grants a bonus equal to the number of fruits cut. For example, cutting 4 fruits in one swipe yields 4 points for cutting and a bonus of 4 points.
  • Players receive a negative point (-1) for each fruit they fail to swipe (fruit appears on screen and falls/disappears). 
  • Total Duration of the Game: 1 minute (60 seconds)

On-screen Information Provided to Players: 

  • Time: The game displays the total time at the start and the time remaining.
  • Score: The player’s score is continuously displayed, allowing them to track their progress.
  • The player who accumulates the most points within the given time is declared the winner.


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