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Top 10 Richest Cricketer in india 2024

When it comes to cricket, no other country worships the game like India does. And thus it is not surprising that some of the world’s best cricketers are from India. 

From the classic record breaking career of Sachin Tendulkar to the trailblazing leadership of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, each cricketer has etched their name in history while amassing significant fortunes. Both Tendulkar and Dhoni are huge cricket icons and are perhaps the most trusted faces in Indian cricket and hence, their legacy continues to live on as brands want to endorse them. 

No cricket board compensates its cricketers as hugely as the BCCI. Additionally, the IPL generates a massive annual income for Indian cricketers.

Let’s delve into the careers, achievements, and the net worth of the top 10 richest cricketers in India. 

List of Top 10 Richest Cricketer in India 2024

RankPlayerNet Worth
10Gautam Gambhir$19 million
9Rohit Sharma$22 million
8Rahul Dravid$23 million
7Suresh Raina$25 million
6Yuvraj Singh$35 million
5Virendra Sehwag$45 million
4Saurav Ganguly$50 million
3Virat Kohli$93 million
2Mahendra Singh Dhoni$110 million
1Sachin Tendulkar$150 million

1. Sachin Tendulkar – $150 million

Sachin Tendulkar, the “God of Cricket,” needs no introduction. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Tendulkar’s name is synonymous with cricketing greatness.

His records are a testament to his skill and dedication, including being the highest run-scorer in both Test and ODI cricket. Tendulkar’s influence extends beyond the cricket field, with numerous endorsements and business ventures contributing to his massive net worth. 

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2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – $110 million

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, even after retiring from international cricket in 2020, continues to be a brand favourite due to his presence in the IPL. Dhoni redefined Indian cricket with his calm demeanour and astute leadership.

Under his captaincy, India achieved unprecedented success, including winning the 2007 ICC World Twenty20, the 2013 Champions Trophy, and the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. Dhoni’s ability to finish games with his trademark helicopter shot endeared him to fans worldwide. Beyond cricket, Dhoni’s brand endorsements and investments have solidified his financial stature.

3. Virat Kohli – $93 million

Virat Kohli, the former captain of the Indian cricket team and the Royal Challengers Bengaluru, is a modern-day icon. Known as a run-machine, Kohli has shattered numerous records throughout his career. He holds the record for the most centuries by any cricketer in ODIs and is one of the few batsmen to have scored over 80 international centuries.

Kohli’s charisma extends beyond the cricket pitch, with lucrative endorsement deals and investments in various ventures bolstering his wealth. According to a report by Hopper HQ, Kohli charges a fee of Rs 14 crore for each post on Instagram, and he is the only Indian to feature in the global top 20 list of highest earning celebrities on the platform. 

4. Saurav Ganguly – $50 million

Saurav Ganguly is credited with revitalizing Indian cricket during his tenure as captain. His fearless approach and astute leadership laid the foundation for India’s success on the international stage. Post-retirement, Ganguly’s ventures in cricket administration and media have added to his financial empire.

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5. Virender Sehwag – $45 million

Virender Sehwag, known for his explosive batting and fearless attitude, was a nightmare for bowlers around the world. His ability to dismantle any bowling attack earned him accolades and admiration from fans and peers alike.

Sehwag’s aggressive approach, coupled with his remarkable consistency, led to numerous match-winning performances for India. Post-retirement, Sehwag’s commentary stint and entrepreneurial endeavours have contributed to his considerable wealth.

6. Yuvraj Singh – $35 million

Yuvraj Singh, the epitome of resilience and determination, has millions of fans around the world. His heroics in the 2007 ICC World Twenty20 and the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup are etched in cricketing folklore.

Despite battling cancer, Yuvraj staged a remarkable comeback, showcasing his grit and determination. Off the field, Yuvraj’s ventures in the fashion industry and investments have bolstered his financial portfolio. Birla Sun Life Insurance, Puma and Pepsi are among the brands the all-rounder currently endorses. 

7. Suresh Raina – $25 million:

Suresh Raina, known for his electric fielding and explosive batting, was a vital cog in the Indian cricket team’s middle order for over a decade. His versatility as a batsman and handy off-spin bowling made him a valuable asset in limited-overs cricket.

Raina’s association with the IPL further enhanced his popularity and financial standing. Despite retiring from all forms of cricket, Raina continues to be the brand ambassador of several brands. 

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8. Rahul Dravid – $23 million:

Rahul Dravid, the epitome of grace and resilience, earned the moniker “The Wall” for his solid batting technique and impeccable temperament. His ability to anchor the innings and bat for long periods under pressure made him a vital asset for the Indian cricket team.

Dravid’s contribution to Indian cricket as a mentor and coach has been invaluable, nurturing young talents and shaping the future of Indian cricket. His post-retirement ventures in cricket administration and coaching have added to his net worth. As the current head coach of the Indian Cricket Team, Rahul Dravid earns Rs 12 crore per year. 

9. Rohit Sharma – $22 million

Rohit Sharma, the current captain of Indian Cricket Team and the former captain of Mumbai Indians, has redefined the art of batting with his impeccable timing and ability to score big hundreds. His record-breaking three double centuries in ODIs are a testament to his batting genius and consistency.

As the captain of the Indian cricket team, Sharma’s leadership skills and friendly nature have earned him respect both on and off the field. His association with the IPL franchise Mumbai Indians has further elevated his status and financial worth.

10. Gautam Gambhir – $19 million

Gautam Gambhir, known for his gritty batting and fierce competitiveness, played pivotal roles in India’s triumphs in the 2007 ICC World Twenty20 and the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

His ability to anchor the innings and absorb pressure made him a reliable batsman in all formats of the game. Post-retirement, Gambhir’s foray into politics and philanthropy endeavours have showcased his commitment to serving society. He is currently working as the mentor of the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL. 

FAQs about Richest Cricketer in india

Q) Who is the richest cricketer in India?

A) Sachin Tendulkar is the richest cricketer in India with a wealth of over $150 million. 

Q) Who is the most richest cricketer in India?

A) The richest cricketer in India is Sachin Tendulkar. Despite having retired from international cricket in 2013, Sachin continues to enjoy lucrative endorsement deals. 

Q) How much does Virat Kohli charge for each Instagram post? 

A) According to a report by Hopper HQ, Kohli charges a fee of Rs 14 crore for each post on Instagram, and he is the only Indian to feature in the global top 20 list of highest earning celebrities on the platform. 

Q) What is the net worth of Rohit Sharma?

The net worth of Rohit Sharma is $22 million. That makes him one of the richest cricketers in India.

Q) What is the net worth of Virat Kohli?

A) The net worth of Virat Kohli is $93 million. That makes him the third-richest cricketer in India after Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni.



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