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Pool 3d Game Rules

The goal of this skill-based game is akin to a real pool game wherein the objective is to pocket all seven of the coloured balls allotted to the respective player, which can either be solids or stripes and then pocket the 8th black ball before your opponent.


The game is played between 2 players, The game is a turn based 1v1 game, which is played on a 6-pocket pool table with a complete rack of 15 balls and a cue ball. The player gets 20 seconds to take a shot and if he pockets the allotted coloured ball (either striped or solid) then he gets an extra turn.

If the player pockets cue ball and their allocated ball at the same time then no extra turn is provided.

The player has to ascertain the speed, power and the angle at which the white ball must be hit and avoid hitting the balls allocated to the other player. The player must aim and shoot cautiously so as to avoid pocketing the opponent’s balls. The player must also exercise judgement to determine whether to pocket a ball or place the opponents ball in an area in which it becomes difficult for the opponent to pocket their ball. Player who plays the game regularly shall be able to improve their performance.

The maximum time allocated for each gameplay is 10 min.

Each player will get 10 seconds to make a move.

If the player pockets black and cue ball together, then its a foul and player loses the game.

During the game, if cue ball does not touch or pocket any ball in your first turn, the player is provided with hand in ball.

If the player pockets both striped and solid ball, then ball which goes in first is the allocated color of the player

Whenever a player commits a foul and opponent gets a “Ball-in-hand” in following conditions:
– If the cue ball is pocketed
– If the cue ball does not hit the allocated colour ball
– When player misses their turn
– When player hit or touch the opponents ball


1. For each ball which is pocketed, the player gets 1 point

2. If a player pockets the cue ball then its foul and the opponent gets a ball in hand

3. If the player pockets black ball (8 numbered ball) before pocketing the 7 balls, then he directly loses the game

The following information is provided to the players on

1. Score: Both the players score is shown to the player. As the score is increasing/decreasing, the player is able to track their score

2. Number of balls pocketed by each player is also shown on the screen

The player who pockets alloted 7 balls and the 8th black ball first wins the game.

Fair play: Players must play the game fairly, impartially, and as per its rules, without employing unfair means, cheating, or collusion.

Rejoining the game after dropping out is not allowed. In case player drops out of the game due to any circumstances, he/she will lose the game.

If the player misses 3 turns then the game ends and opponent is declared as winner.

Commission Fee: WinZO may charge a commission upto 15% commission on contests on WinZO. Actual applicable winnings post deduction of commission are shown on the entry screen to you.

If both the players make equal score then contest is a tie and both the players get a credit equal to (Entry amount – rake)

When the player skips their turn during their Hand in Ball play the other player gets the Hand- in ball.

When the player pockets both striped and solid ball simultaneously at their first turn, no player is allocated any balls. But, the game waits until the player pockets any one of the ball in the next turn and for that player relevant striped or solid ball is awarded.


The game’s rules must be read in conjunction with WinZO’s terms and conditions. Players are deemed to have read and accepted WinZO’s terms and conditions if they play the game.

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