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Ludo: Gameplay & Scoring

Game Format:

Ludo is a solo game played between a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players.

Each player starts with an equal number of tokens (2 tokens/3 tokens/4 tokens) and aims to accumulate the highest number of points before the game ends.

How to Play:

Players roll a six-sided dice with values from 1 to 6, each value having an equal probability of occurring.

Tokens begin their journey on the game board, and a dice roll of 1 or 6 is not required to start moving them.

Players can move a token a number of spaces equal to the dice roll, but movement is only
allowed in a clockwise direction; tokens cannot move backward.

Rolling a dice value of 6 grants the player an extra turn, with a maximum of two consecutive 6s allowed in a single turn.

Elimination occurs when a player’s token lands on the same cell as an opponent’s token,
capturing it. The player who eliminates an opponent’s pawn gets an extra turn, and the
eliminated token returns to the starting position.

Safe Zones protect opponent tokens from elimination:

  1. Permanent safe zones include the 4 starting squares and the 4 squares marked with a star on the board. Multiple pawns of different colors can share a single safe zone.
  2. Temporary safe zones are created when two tokens of the same player land in the same cell, offering protection until both tokens move to different cells.

Auto-Turn occurs if a player fails to roll the dice and move their token within the turn time (10 seconds). The system automatically moves the best possible token for the player.

If a player’s auto-turn count exceeds 3 in the entire game, that player loses and does not
receive any winnings.


Players earn 1 point for each cell their token moves. All accumulated points for a token are lost if it is eliminated by an opponent.

No extra points are awarded for eliminating an opponent’s token.

Tokens that reach the home position earn the player 56 bonus points and an extra turn.

Quit Pop-up – Once you enter the contest and we start finding opponent for you, if you decide to quit the game at any point in time, your entry amount shall be deducted and not refunded back

In case of the match ending in equal points for both players (including 0 for both players). The total prize amount will be equally shared with all the participants.

When your opponent’s pawn is eliminated, they will lose the points equal to the number of steps their pawn had accumulated, and these points will be added to your score.

Duration and Results:

The game’s length depends on the number of moves each player can make, ranging from 10 to 24 moves.

The game continues for 450 Seconds and/or available moves are exhausted or all tokens of a particular player reach home.

The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins. In 3-player or 4-player matches, there are two winners, with the first player receiving 70% of the winnings amount and the second winner receiving 30%.

In case of a tie in scores, the winnings are divided equally among the tied players.

The game can start with a maximum of 4 players on the board.

Note: If a game is not completed due to a system malfunction on WinZO’s part, the amount will be automatically refunded. You also have the option to raise a support ticket from your Transaction History.

Commission Fee: WinZO may charge a commission upto 15% commission on contests on WinZO. Actual applicable winnings post deduction of commission are shown on the entry screen to you.

When the game rules is accessed or we perform any other task during the game, the game will quit.

However, in the event of a gameplay failure caused by poor network connectivity or any other disruptions or failures at the user’s end, no refund will be issued. Please ensure a strong and stable network connection before starting the game

Reconnection is not allowed. In case player drops out of the game due to any circumstances, he/she will lose the game.



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