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What is ‘Dream face reveal’ and why is it trending?

Dream, one of the most popular figures on YouTube, is trending on Twitter along with the hashtag #dreamfacereveal. The Minecraft YouTuber has been dropping several hints about a face reveal on social media over the last couple of weeks.

Back on September 23, he dropped a hint that he would be doing a face reveal when he tweeted that his signature mask would be coming off soon. The YouTuber then collaborated with several content creators who recorded their reactions during FaceTime calls with him. On Sunday, he sent out a one-word Tweet that informed his fans that he would be finally revealing his face. 

What is ‘Dream face reveal’ ?

Since his rise to prominence in 2019 and 2020, the Minecraft creator has become one of the most recognizable names on YouTube. His popularity has seen exponential growth over the last three years and there are more than 42 million subscribers across his different channels. And this includes a staggering 30 million subscribers on his main channel.

The content that he puts out is essentially focused on Minecraft and he creates video series that includes “Minecraft Manhunt” and “Minecraft Speedruns.” Apart from this, he is also well known for being the host of Dream Survival Multiplayer (SMP) private Minecraft server. He created this in partnership with his friend and fellow content creator GeorgeNotFound primarily for collaborating and roleplaying with other large Minecraft content creators.

Image Source: DreamYOUTUBE

Despite the fame and success, Dream has managed to keep his personal details extremely private. Fans are really curious about his face since Dream has made very few appearances on camera. Although he has appeared in videos, his face is always hidden by his signature mask. With his intention to do a face reveal leading up to his in-person appearance at TwitchCon in San Diego next weekend, this may change.



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