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The Ultimate Guide On How To Play Fruit Samurai | Tips, Tricks & More

A game like Fruit Samurai needs no expertise and no strategy. But, if you are new to the game and wish to score high, you should know how to play Fruit Samurai just to score high and earn real cash. 

We know that you love to play games when you are traveling in a metro to or from your workplace. And, of course, there are other times too. But, gaming while traveling is undeniably the most favorite thing to do. 

A game that hooks you up but doesn’t require a full hog strategy is what you look for when you are traveling. And, Fruit Samurai is such a game which is light but equally thrilling. Let us know about it more: 

What is Fruit Samurai? 

Fruit Samurai is an extremely easy and fun game where you just swipe and shred fruits coming in the way. But wait, it is after all a game, so there are bombs that come along with the fruits and if you happen to shred them while shredding other fruits, it leads to game over. 

Having a keen eye and extreme control over your finger that you use for swiping is a must. If not an actual strategy or a skill, there should be something that keeps you glued to your screens while playing, right? 

The bombs do not have a specific time or any count during the game and they randomly drop just like other fruits. And, if you miss and shred a bomb, there would be a blast leading you to lose the game. 

How to Play Fruit Samurai?

The game is absolutely fun where the fruits fall from the sky and you slice them. Pretty easy? 

But if you want to earn real cash while playing Fruit Samurai, just slicing or shredding fruits will not do. 

3 Fruit Samurai Rules

So, here are some of the rules on how to play Fruit Samurai that are surely going to make you win the game and earn cash: 

1. Choose Your Boot 

After you download the WinZo app from Google, select Fruit Samurai. The app will direct you to choose your boot before playing. There are options which you can choose according to your preferences. If you do not want to play for money, you can still play for free. 

For the first-time players, there is a free 2rs pass which you can choose to play with in the starting. Who knows that you might win the next Fruit Samurai game you play, and earn a substantial amount of money for you to transfer it to your account. 

Note: You get 2rs free pass on WinZO app only. 

2. Slice, Shred, Cut 

As soon as there is an opponent, your challenge begins on the table. Start shredding, cutting or slicing all the fruits that pop up on the screen. Keep a watchful eye on the bomb that pops every now and then. Shredding the bomb will have a blast and will reduce your points. Fruit Samurai gives you three chances and if you shred the bomb more than three times, you lose the game leading to game over. 

Shred fruits as much as you want and most importantly, as much as you can. Use one single swipe to shred 3 or more fruits to earn bonus points. 

3. Get Combos While Shredding The Fruits 

We know that you want to score high and for this, do not shred fruits one by one. Swipe in such a way that you shred three or more fruits in one swipe. This is going to rack up your score. The number of fruits you shred in one swipe is the number you score extra on top of the normal score. 

You are allowed to use more than one finger to shred fruits but then be cautious of the bomb that pops up at regular intervals. 

Quick Tips On How You Can Win Fruit Samurai 

  • Firstly, if you are a beginner, do not use more than finger to shred the fruits 
  • Always play slow in the beginning, otherwise you might shred the bomb and lose points 
  • Try and shred more than 3 fruits in one single swipe to gain more score 
  • Listen to the sound cues. If you hear a ticking sound that means there is a bomb nearby and you can use shorter strokes to avoid shredding the bomb 

Frequently Asked Questions about Fruit Samurai Game

Q) Is Fruit Samurai a free game? 

A) Yes, it is both. You can play Fruit Samurai for free and for money as well. JUst choose you boot at the beginning of the game. 

Q) Can I play Fruit Samurai for free?

A) Yes, you can play Fruit Samurai for free. There is a 2rs bonus on WinZO for first time players as well. 

Q) Are there any Fruit Samurai Tournaments on WinZO?

A) Yes, you can enter into a contest or a tournament for Fruit Samurai on WinZO

Q) How much can I earn in Fruit Samurai as a beginner? 

A) As a beginner, you should always play for free to hone your skills. Whenever you start winning at every game while playing for free, then only you should move forward to play for money. 

Final Words 

An interesting game that Fruit Samurai is, it also helps you earn real money. While you do not need a strategy or full hog skill to play the game, you still can make money. 

Download the WinZO app and start playing the Fruit Samurai. If you have any questions regarding the game, you can contact us on our Instagram page. We’ll be happy to guide you! 

Until then, Enjoy!



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