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BookMyShow Gift Cards – Benefits, Offers, Deals & More 

Gift cards have taken over the gifting arena by storm as they are convenient, valuable as well as thoughtful gifting ideas when you do not have a usual gift in mind. BookMyShow gift cards have numerous benefits and let us take a look at them in detail. 

BookMyShow E-gift cards not only lets you book movie tickets but also concerts, sports tickets, Plays and more. Each gift card has a pre-loaded amount that you can use to book tickets for anything related to theatre. 

If you are looking for a gift card to gift it to your loved ones, you have a choice according to the occasion. Numerous E-cards can be bought on Birthdays, Anniversaries, Festivals, or any other special occasions and this can prove to be a valuable last-minute gift. 

What is a BookMyShow E-gift Card?

BookMyShow E-gift card or vouchers is a digital way of gifting a movie to your family or friends. Other than this, you can also gift tickets to the concert, play or sports tickets on any special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and more. 

Benefits of BookMyShow E-cards That You Should Know 

  • Multiple Gift cards can be used to pay one bill
  • You are able to schedule an E-gift card 90 days in advance to be delivered on your loved ones birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion 
  • You can buy a gift card through various options like Netbanking, UPI, Debit/Credit card and E-wallets 
  • You can use a gift card multiple times till the balance expires (or the validity) 
  • One gift card can be used to buy tickets for sports, events, concerts, plays and movies 

How Can I Buy BookMyShow E-Gift Cards? Discounted Price 

You can buy BookMyShow E-Gift cards at a discount from WinZO. There are numerous deals and offers on various BookMyShow gift cards that you can avail to gift it to your loved ones or for personal use. 

  • Visit WinZO store or Download WinZO mobile app 
  • Click on BookMyShow gift cards 
  • Select a Gift card as per your choice 
  • Avail 5% WinZO discount 
  • Buy the Gift Card at a discounted price 

How To Apply BookMyShow E-GiftCards For Booking Tickets 

When you’ve completed your transaction and bought a gift card, the details are immediately sent to your verified email address. 

And whenever you need to a book tickets on BookMyShow via Gift Cards or Vouchers, you need to: 

  • Click on the tab ‘Gift Voucher’ on the payment page. 
  • Fill the code mentioned on the Gift Card to redeem it 
  • Gift cards are used to purchase anything that is available on BookMyShow 
  • You can combine your GiftCard with any other payment mode to book tickets on BookMyShow 

Terms and Conditions For Using E-Gift Cards 

  • Gift cards cannot be used to purchase another Gift Card.
  • Gift cards are valid for a period of twelve months from the date on which the recipient will receive the gift card.
  • Gift Cards once bought online, shall be considered as sold and cannot be Cancelled, Exchanged or Refunded.
  • If lost/misused, the Gift Cards cannot be replaced. 
  • Gift cards are void if resold, and cannot be exchanged for points or cash and cannot be re-validated once past expiry date.

Frequently Asked Questions about BookmyShow Gift Cards

Q) How are BookMyShow Gift Cards delivered and how long does it take? 

A) BookMyShow E-gift cards are emailed to you instantly upon buying. 

Q) Can I use multiple BookMyShow Gift Cards or vouchers for one transaction?

A) Yes, you can use multiple gift cards on a single bill or transaction on BookMyShow.

Q) Can we convert BookMyShow gift cards into cash?

A) No, you can’t convert your gift cards into cash once purchased online. 

Final Words 

BookMyShow gift cards are a convenient option for last minute gift ideas for your loved ones. Through Ecards they are free to choose the movies, plays, concerts or anything that is available on BookMyShow according to their mood. 

WinZO offers a 5% discount on all purchases of BookMyShow gift cards which is surely going to keep your pockets happy. 

We are sure that when it comes to gifting to your loved ones, WinZO BookMyShow gift cards would be your one stop choice. 



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