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PVR Cinemas Gift Cards – Benefits That You Should Know

 If you or your loved one is a movie buff, PVR Cinemas Gift Cards come as a big surprise. You can choose the movie you wanna watch and that too at your nearest theatre. Not only this, there are other benefits of having a PVR Cinemas Gift Card, let’s dive deeper into the details.

Looking for an unforgettable gifting experience for a movie lover? Cinema Gift cards can be an option for you if you want them to choose a movie according to their mood. 

PVR Cinemas Gift Cards are also referred to as ‘PVR Gift Vouchers’ and even if you buy it for yourself, it gives you the benefit of going cashless for all your movie ticket bookings. 

Exciting, is it? 

Important Benefits of PVR Cinemas Gift Cards | PVR Gift Vouchers 

  • If you more than 2 PVR gift cards or vouchers, you can club them together and use them on one bill 
  • If there is any other promotion or offer on the movie tickets, you can still use the PVR gift card. Enjoy discount or offers even if you use the gift card 

Why PVR Gift Cards- The Best Last-Minute Gifting Option For Movie Buffs 

PVR presents movies in the latest technology like IMAX, ECX and 4 DX for you to have the most spectacular experience while watching a movie. With a PVR gift card, you can watch a movie according to your choice without hassling for cash at the counters. 

Also, if you gift a PVR gift card to a loved one, he/she is able to choose a movie according to their choices at a nearby PVR theatre. PVR has 750 screens all over India offering you luxury experiences from PVR’s Gold Class and Mainstream Cinemas to Director’s Cut to PVR Icon.

With a PVR gift card or Vouchers, buy tickets that suit your schedule from a partner PVR store on a date and time of your convenience.

How Does A PVR Gift Card Work?

A PVR cinemas Gift card works like an usual card where you need to recharge it with the amount in the multiples of 50 whenever you need to redeem it to watch a movie. 

  • PVR E-Gift Card is redeemable at PVR Cinemas Box Office/Concessions only 
  • Unused balance may be redeemed multiple times on PVR website & mobile app
  • The Gift Card is valid only for 90 days from the date of activation.
  • You can transfer the E-gift card easily to your friends and family 
  • You can pay the amount via debit or credit cards when the value of the service availed exceeds the Gift card value 

How Can You Purchase PVR Gift Card At A Discounted Price?

  • You can purchase PVR  e-gift vouchers from WinZO (for discounts and other WinZO deals) 
  • The details of the card will be sent through an email to the recipient.
  • The gift vouchers can be purchased online within a few minutes – just enter the necessary details, pay online and you’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions about PVR Cinemas Gift Cards

Q) How do you use a PVR cinema E-gift card?

A) You can purchase the PVR cinema gift card, select your movie and the dates according to your schedule, use it to book your movie tickets. You can use it when you reach your nearest PVR cinema outlet as well.

Q) What is a PVR Voucher?

A) A PVR voucher is nothing but a PVR cinema E-gift card which can be used as a valuable gift option or can be used by you to go cashless.

Q) How long does a PVR gift Card last?

A) Once you activate the gift card, it lasts for 90 days. There is no reimbursement upon expiration of the card. Hence, it is advisable to use the card within the stipulated time. 

Final Words 

Purchasing and using PVR cinema gift cards have made people’s lives easier. You can watch a movie without waiting for their turns at the ticket counter. Or you can pre-book your snacks without getting up from your seats during intermissions. 

Gone are the days where you used to stand in cue for your turns to buy a movie ticket or to buy snacks during movie intermissions. With PVR cinema tickets, you enjoy a movie to the fullest. 

Buy great offers on PVR cinema E-gift cards on WinZO.



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