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Winzo Solitaire – Setup, Gameplay & Scoring  


Solitaire, a skill-based game, aims to move all cards from their initial layout on the playing surface into a descending order and alternate color order. The objective is to use strategy and problem-solving skills to successfully complete the game. 

Game Setup: 

  • 28 cards are dealt into seven columns, with the first column containing one card, the second column containing two cards (one face up and one face down), and so on, until the seventh column has seven cards (one face up and six face down). 
  • The remaining 24 cards are placed in a draw pile face down, with the top card turned face up beside it. 


  • The player must strategically assess the placement of cards in the columns, including revealed cards. 
  • Move all cards from the seven columns to the four foundation piles in the correct sequential order, building up from Ace to King in suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades). Players can move cards between columns, from the draw pile to the columns, or to the foundation piles. Strategic use of this ability is key to maximizing points. 


  • Moving a card from the Waste pile to a Column: 20 points 
  • Moving a card from Waste to foundation: 120 points 
  • Moving a card from Column to foundation: 100 points 
  • Turning over a face-down card in the foundation: 20 points 
  • Using the Undo option: -5 points 
  • Bonus Points: Additional bonus points are awarded for completing the game before the allocated time. 
  • Total Duration of the Game: 3 minutes (180 seconds) 
  • In case of the match ending in equal points for both players (including 0 for both players). The total prize amount will be equally shared with all the participants.

Important Information Provided to Players: 

  • Time: Displays the total time 360 seconds at the start of the game and shows the decreasing time.
  • Score: Continuously displays the player’s score, allowing them to track their progress.
  • The player with the highest point total is declared the winner.
  • Once you enter the contest and we start finding opponent for you, if you decide to quit the game at any point in time, your entry amount shall be deducted and not refunded back
  • If a game is not completed due to a system malfunction on WinZO’s part, the amount will be automatically refunded. You also have the option to raise a support ticket from your Transaction History.
    However, in the event of a gameplay failure caused by poor network connectivity or any other disruptions or failures at the user’s end, no refund will be issued. Please ensure a strong and stable network connection before starting the game
  • Reconnection is not allowed. In case player drops out of the game due to any circumstances, he/she will lose the game.
  • When the game rules is accessed or we perform any other task during the game, the game will quit.


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