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Empowering Winzo Users with Our Responsible Gaming Policy

Online gaming operators play a crucial role in promoting responsible gaming, with a primary emphasis on preventing problem gambling and offering support tools for those who may have fallen victim to it.

Here is why WinZO is a big advocate of responsible gaming:

This Responsible Gaming Policy outlines the Company’s commitments and underscores your role in promoting responsible gaming practices while mitigating the adverse impacts of excessive gaming. Games may entail financial risks and the potential for addiction. Kindly engage in play responsibly and be mindful of your own risk.

If you opt to participate on our Website, adhere to the following general guidelines to enhance the safety of your gaming experience and minimize the risk of excessive gaming:

  • Add funds to the WinZo Wallet only with money you can afford to spend.
  • Refrain from adding money to the WinZo Wallet that is earmarked for essential needs like food, rent, bills, or tuition.
  • Plan your purchases and gaming time in advance, adhering to the set limit irrespective of your performance.
  • Avoid playing when upset, tired, or depressed, as sound decisions are challenging under such circumstances.
  • Prioritize personal and essential tasks before engaging in play to ensure a relaxed and focused mindset.
  • Strike a balance between gaming duration and other activities to prevent it from dominating your life.
  • Refrain from borrowing money for Website purchases.
  • Steer clear of using all funds in the WinZo Wallet in a single game or session.
  • Take regular breaks and time-outs.
  • Participate only in games commensurate with your skill level and financial means, resisting the temptation to join high-stakes tables despite consistent wins.

You can find all these in our responsible gaming here: https://www.winzogames.com/responsible-gaming-policy 



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