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WinZO ensures all your transactions are safe and secure – Here’s how

WinZO has incorporated UPI as a payment option, providing users with a seamless way to deposit funds into their WinZO accounts for an enhanced gaming experience. The introduction of the secure and convenient UPI payment system ensures that WinZO users can engage in platform games without concerns about payment-related issues.

The WinZO platform features an integrated wallet, allowing users to effortlessly add and withdraw cash while keeping tabs on bonuses and enticing offers. Transaction tracking is also available, providing transparency for all your purchases. Additionally, WinZO offers support to resolve any disputes that may arise during your gaming journey.

WinZO Fair Play guidelines for safer gaming experience:

  • Only add funds to the WinZO Wallet that you can comfortably afford to spend.
  • Avoid using essential funds, such as those for food, rent, bills, or tuition, to add money to the WinZO Wallet.
  • Plan your purchases and gaming time in advance, adhering to predetermined limits regardless of performance.
  • Refrain from playing when upset, tired, or depressed, as sound decision-making is challenging in such states.
  • Prioritize completing personal and important tasks before indulging in gaming for a free and focused mindset.
  • Balance gaming duration with other activities to prevent it from dominating your life.
  • Do not borrow money for purchases on the website.
  • Exercise caution in using all funds in the WinZO Wallet in a single game or session.
  • Take regular breaks and time outs.
  • Participate only in games matching your skill level and financial capacity, avoiding the temptation of high-stakes tables despite consistent wins.


  1. Winzo needs to address the issues of practice mode especially the loading times – this would really streamline the gaming experience and make it more accessible to players.


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