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Top Casual Games Online

Millennials and digital nomads like to play different types of computer and mobile games. However, everyone cannot concentrate hard while playing complex games as they need to focus on other aspects of life. For such users, game developers have come up with the concept of casual games.

These games don't require too much strategy and do not stress players out. Moreover, they can be relaxing stress-busters. Candy crush, subway surfers, and many other popular games are fun and easy to play. Like other gaming genres, casual games have also evolved a lot recently. In this article, we will look at the best casual games that can be played online or on android phones.

Top 5 Casual Games to Play with Your Friends and Family

Casual Games

match mania

Match Mania

This is a fun and engaging game where you have to power through challenging levels by sorting out and matching identical items together.

fruit fighter

Fruit Fighter

In this game, you need to make fruit combinations of two or more fruits in order to earn extra points. Play Fruit Samurai game online and win real money.

fruit samurai

Fruit Samurai

An arcade game where you need to swipe your screen to chop the bouncing fruits while escaping from explosives.

crowd city

Crowd City

Crowd city is all about getting the biggest crowd in town. You can start the game with a single character and the brief is to gain power by converting other followers to your cause.

1. Carrom

Carrom has been the most fun and entertaining game for decades. It is also possible to play carrom online now. It is one of the best casual multiplayer games and has been introduced by different game developers.

Playing carrom is easy as one just needs to aim at the coins and drive them toward the holes. The holes are placed at the juncture where the two sides meet. The players need to win as many points as they can by putting black and white coins along with the queen in the holes.

2. Ludo

Ludo is another game that had smitten millennials a couple of years before. The craze for ludo is still on and it is also one of the best casual multiplayer games. Ludo can be considered a casual game as one does not have to learn any difficult tricks while playing. The outcome is based on pure luck and the presence of mind exhibited by the players.

Playing casual games like ludo is rather easy as one needs to only concentrate on moving their colored coins or pieces. It is a multiplayer game that is usually played among 2 or 4 plates. Each player gets to roll a die. The player who manages to land a 6 first gets to move their coin or piece. Each coin or piece needs to be moved one-by-one until they complete the entire path and return to their home. The player who manages to bring all the coins home first wins the game.

3. Candy Match

Candy Match is one of the most downloaded casual online games. The simple yet entertaining game is available in different versions for the users. The player needs to identify patterns and groups of candies and collect them to win the game. It is one of the best casual android games that comprises multiple levels.

The players need to shift adjacent candies to make a group or pattern of three or four candies. Once the groups are formed, the candies get matched and the players earn points. If the players manage to match a higher number of candies, they earn more points and get triggers and bonus points that take the entire game to a whole new level!

4. Metro Surfer

Metro Surfer is one of the best casual games one will ever find. One has to simply run on the tracks with a surfing board and avoid getting hit by the metro. It is an upgraded version of the subway surfer which was one of the best casual android games. Here, one needs to avoid getting hit by the metro while collecting points.

There are many hurdles in this game like barricades, tunnels, etc. that makes it even more interesting. One can also collect powers, coins, and other accessories while running to overcome obstacles.

5. Angry Monsters

Angry Monsters is one of the most downloaded casual games by android users. One needs to hit targets using a catapult by using different angles. The monsters are placed in the catapults and players are challenged to hit the targets to earn points. One just needs to pull the elastic in which the monster is placed and choose the required power and angle to hit the targets.

These were some of the best casual games in 2022. Many other games like Fruit Samurai, Bubble Shooter, Mr. Racer, and Knife Up also fall in this category. The players need to download the top casual games on their computer or mobile phone to enjoy a fun gaming experience with their friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Casual Games

Beginners can join freeroll tables where they can play with practice chips without investing any real money on the WinZO app.

One needs to download WinZO to enjoy all the casual games without any hassles or issues.

Casual games are popular since they are easy to learn and can be played anytime with family and friends.

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