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Play Truco Game on WinZO

Play Truco Game on WinZO

Players: 2-4
Genres: Card Game
Playing time: 5 mins
In the digital age, traditional card games have seamlessly transitioned into online platforms, offering players the opportunity to enjoy timeless classics like Truco from the comfort of their own homes. Truco, a popular card game with origins in Spain and widely played in South American countries, has found new life online.
Combining strategy, bluffing, and camaraderie, Truco Online has become a favorite pastime for gamers and card enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will delve into the world of Truco Online, covering everything from how to play, rules, tips, and frequently asked questions.

How to Play Truco Online

How to play truco game online

Select Game from Game-list

Step to play truco game

Choose Play option from Boot Amount Menu

How to play online truco game

Enjoy the game

  • The game consists of three rounds, where each player contributes a card to each round (known as 'rodadas' or rounds in Brazil).

  • The 'mão' (lead player) starts the first round, with cards played in anti-clockwise order. The highest card wins the trick for the leading player's team, and the winner leads the next trick.

  • The second and third tricks follow a similar pattern, with winners leading subsequent tricks. The team winning the majority of tricks takes a 'tento' from the supply.

  • Players can play any card to a trick without the need to follow suit or beat the previous cards.

  • In the second and third tricks, players can choose to play cards face down, though these cannot win. Strategic use of face-down cards is allowed.

  • If cards tie in strength in a trick, it's an 'empate' or tie. The trick is neutral, and the first team to win a trick in this situation takes the hand.

  • The player who initiated the tied trick starts the next round. The first team to win a trick then claims the hand.

Rules of Truco Game


Truco is played with the Spanish deck, which consists of 40 or 48 cards. Cards are ranked differently than in traditional decks, with the order being 1-7, 10, 11, 12. The Ace (1) is the highest-ranking card.


The primary objective is to win two out of three rounds or 'tricks.' The first team or player to reach the target score wins the match.


One of the most exciting aspects of Truco is the bidding phase. Players can choose to make bids indicating their confidence in their hand's strength. Bluffing and psychological tactics play a crucial role in this phase.


Envido is a side bet that involves adding the values of two cards of the same suit. Players use this phase to try and maximize their score by challenging their opponents to reveal their hand's strength.


Players can raise the stakes by calling 'Truco' or 'Retruco' during the game. This invites opponents to accept the challenge or back down. The successful completion of these challenges leads to additional points.

Truco Game Tricks

Master the Basics

Before diving into online matches, ensure you have a solid understanding of the game's rules, card values, and different phases.

Mind Your Bids

Bidding wisely is key to victory. Assess your hand's potential and read your opponents' bids to make informed decisions.

Bluff Effectively

Use the art of bluffing sparingly but effectively. Misleading opponents can lead to favorable outcomes.

Team Communication

In team-based matches, effective communication with your partner is crucial. Strategize together and anticipate each other's moves.

Learn from Experience

Every game is a learning opportunity. Analyze your wins and losses to identify areas for improvement.

Truco Special Hands

When either team stands just 1 tento away from clinching victory with a score of 11, a subtle transformation in the rules takes center stage.

During these specialized hands, the deck of cards maintains its customary routine of shuffling and cutting. The cutter possesses the authority to guide the dealer to initiate the dealing process—whether it's upward from the bottom or downward from the top. The dealer then proceeds to distribute the cards in groups of three, compelling all players to navigate the game with the hand they've been bestowed. It's imperative to note that no player, even the 'mão,' retains the privilege to reject cards or pass them to their partner.

When only a single team has achieved a score of 11, a distinctive phase of gameplay unfolds. Following the initial deal, the leading team—standing at the precipice with 11 tentos—gains the privilege of scrutinizing each other's cards.

They engage in a face-down exchange of hands, permitting a discreet appraisal before promptly reinstating the cards sans discussion. Consequently, a pivotal choice emerges: to embark on play for 3 tentos or retreat, consequently gifting 1 tento to the lagging team. If they opt to partake, the subsequent tricks adhere to the customary protocol, with the omission of the truco aspect. The outcome is straightforward: triumph in the hand ushers in victory for the game, while defeat relinquishes 3 tentos to the adversary.

How to Download Truco Game

Whether you're an iPhone user or an Android enthusiast, the process of getting Truco on your phone can vary. Below, we've outlined the steps to download Truco on both iOS and Android devices:

Truco Download for iOS

  • Visit the App Store: Launch the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and use the search function to find the 'Truco' app.
  • Initiate Download: Once you've located the Truco app, tap on the 'download' option to begin the installation process.
  • App Installation: After the app is successfully downloaded, tap to open it and follow the prompts to sign up.
  • Create an Account: Complete the sign-up process by creating your account or logging in if you have an existing one. This step is essential to access the full range of game features.
  • Choose Your Mode: Once you're logged in, select your preferred game mode and dive into the world of Truco right from your iOS device.

Truco APK Download for Android

  • On your Android device, open your preferred browser and navigate to the official source for Truco APK, such as the official Truco website or a reputable app repository.
  • Locate the Truco APK file on the website and download it to your device. You might need to enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings.
  • Once the APK file is downloaded, open it to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.
  • Once the installation is complete, locate the Truco app on your device and open it.
  • Sign in to your existing account or create a new one within the app to get started.
  • Explore the available game modes and select your desired difficulty level. Now you're all set to enjoy thrilling Truco matches right on your Android device.

Variations in Truco Game

Find below all variations of Truco Game Online

Deck Variations

In the realm of Truco, deck customization adds intriguing dimensions to the gameplay. One popular alteration involves playing with a condensed deck, utilizing 27 cards from the standard 52-card international deck. To achieve this, the Tens, Nines, and Eights are removed, along with all cards ranking lower than Queens.

This transforms the deck into a unique assortment featuring Threes, Twos, Aces, Kings, Jacks, Queens, the Four of Clubs, and the two red Sevens. This distinct deck is referred to as a 'clean deck' or an 'empty deck.

Introducing the Joker

In some variations, the addition of a Joker introduces an element of unpredictability. This leads to decks comprising either 41 or 28 cards. The Joker is assigned a position above the Threes and below the Seven of Diamonds, often dubbed the 'três e meio' (three and a half) due to its rank. Occasionally, the Ten of Clubs replaces the Joker, serving as a creative alternative.

A Briefer Scoring System

In pursuit of a swifter gameplay experience, an alternative scoring system emerges. Here, each tento carries a value of 2 points. A basic hand devoid of truco stands at 2 points or one tento. Initiating a truco escalates the stake to 4 points, with a retruco raising it to 6 points.

The subsequent escalation, often termed 'vale 9,' technically raises the stake to 8 points or 4 tentos. The fourth and final raise culminates in 12 points, signifying the entirety of the game. Notably, when a team reaches 10 points, a special hand ensues, and an iron hand takes the stage when both teams hit 10 points. The customary penalty for rule violations remains consistent at 1 tento, now equivalent to 2 points.

Unveiling the Special Hand

In scenarios where only one team accumulates 10 points, a unique phase labeled the 'mão de 10' comes into play. Truco finds no place here. The team at 10 points examines each other's cards and is then presented with a pivotal decision: play the cards for 4 points or concede 2 points to the opposing team without engaging in further play. Should both teams attain 10 points, an 'iron hand' (mão de ferro) is enacted, effectively determining the game's outcome.

Simplified Dealing Approach

For more casual settings, a simplified dealing approach unfolds. The mão, traditionally endowed with options to discard or pass cards, loses these privileges. Instead, the dealer allocates three cards to each player, streamlining the initial distribution process.

Cutter's Edge

Balancing the scales of advantage, some variations modify the rejection and passing of cards. The mão relinquishes these rights, while the mão's partner, responsible for cutting the cards before dealing, gains the ability to privately observe either the top or bottom card of the deck. If the observed card is favorable, it's retained face down.

In select cases, the cutter retains the subsequent card as well. As a consequence, the dealer adjusts the deal to accommodate the retained cards, equalizing the cutter's hand with others. However, this privilege is restricted during an iron hand or when a team is on the brink of victory with a score of 11 or 10 points, contingent on the scoring system.

Royal and Poor Families

In games employing a clean deck, an intriguing concept dubbed 'Royal Family' (Família Real) comes to the fore. Prior to the initial lead, if a player—excluding the mão—holds three picture cards (Kings, Jacks, and Queens), they can declare a Royal Family. This entails revealing, discarding the picture cards, and receiving three fresh cards.

Such exchanges are unrestricted in number before play commences. Notably, the mão, having already had the opportunity to reject unfavorable cards, is ineligible to partake in a Royal Family exchange. Attempting to trade a Royal Family during a Special Hand or Iron Hand results in a 1-tento penalty.

Special Hands in Truco

Truco Online has breathed new life into the timeless card game, offering players a chance to engage in strategic battles and connect with fellow enthusiasts from around the world. With its rich history, engaging gameplay, and online accessibility, Truco continues to captivate players of all ages, providing an exciting blend of luck, skill, and social interaction in the digital realm. Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated strategist, Truco Online promises an immersive and exhilarating experience that stands the test of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Truco Game

Yes, many platforms offer both free and premium versions of Truco Online.

While luck plays a role, strategy, skill, and psychological tactics significantly influence the game's outcome.

Absolutely, many platforms allow you to invite friends to private matches.

Yes, different regions may have variations in rules and scoring.

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