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Play Fantasy Football on WinZO

Fantasy football, the immersive virtual game of football management, has revolutionized the football world, captivating fans worldwide. This interactive game allows enthusiasts to assume the role of a football manager, hand-picking their ideal team from real-life players and pitting their managerial skills against other passionate football fans.

Prepare to be engrossed in the captivating realm of fantasy football, where your strategic decisions and astute player selections will determine your success. With its blend of competition, camaraderie, and the thrill of assembling a dream team, fantasy football offers an unparalleled experience that transports fans into a world where they can fulfill their managerial dreams and showcase their football expertise.

The rise of fantasy football has significantly enhanced global fan engagement with the sport. Fantasy football transcends geographical boundaries, allowing fans from all over the world to connect and compete in virtual leagues. This increased interaction and participation have created a vibrant community of football enthusiasts who share a common passion for the game.

Fantasy football has revolutionized the way fans consume football matches. Previously, viewers would primarily focus on their favorite team's performance. However, with the rise of fantasy football, fans now have a vested interest in multiple matches and players across various leagues.

How to Play Fantasy Football?

How to play fantasy football

Select Match from the List

Step to play fantasy football

Choose the Contest

How to play online fantasy football

Make your team

  • The first step in playing fantasy football is to join a league. On WinZO, join Fantasy Football where you will be able to compete against friends, colleagues, or other football enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Once you've joined a league, the next step is to build your team. You'll have a set budget or specific player allocation to select players from different football leagues around the world.

  • Pay attention to player form, injuries, and upcoming fixtures to make strategic choices. Be updated with all the latest happenings, with the form of players to the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents.

  • After the draft, actively manage your squad throughout the season. Make substitutions, transfers, and tactical decisions based on player performances, suspensions, injuries, and upcoming match schedules.

  • Stay engaged and be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances. Do not be too obstinate about players and always be fluid when you look to make changes.

  • Join mini-leagues with friends, family, or colleagues to add a competitive edge and enjoy banter. Track your performance against others and strive to climb the rankings.

Fantasy Football Rules

  • Scoring System

    Fantasy football leagues utilize various scoring systems, but the most common scoring categories include goals, assists, clean sheets, and bonus points for outstanding performances.

  • Squad Formation

    Typically, fantasy football leagues require you to form a starting lineup comprising a goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders, and forwards.

  • Transfers and Captains

    Throughout the season, you can make transfers to improve your squad. Each week, select a captain who earns double points, so choose wisely based on fixture difficulty and player form.

  • Keep Track of Deadline

    Participants are allowed a specific number of transfers during the season and must make changes before the designated deadlines set by the league.

  • Starting Lineup

    Before each gameweek, participants must select their starting lineup from their pool of players, adhering to the formation rules.

  • Player Limitations

    Depending on the league's rules, there may be limits on the number of players from a single real-world football team that can be included in a participant's fantasy team.

Fantasy Football Tips and Tricks

Stay Informed

Keep up with the latest football news, including player form, injuries, and team dynamics.

Study Fixture Difficulty

Analyze upcoming fixtures and consider the strength of each team's opponents.

Seek Differential Players

Look for 'differential' players who are less owned by other managers but have the potential for high returns.

Research and Analyze

In-depth research is essential for success. Study player statistics, form, and upcoming fixtures.

Captaincy Strategy

Effective captaincy selection is crucial. Analyze player form, home/away fixtures, and opponent defenses to maximize the chances of your captain earning double points.

Monitor Player Value

Keep an eye on player market values. Players performing exceptionally well can see their value rise, allowing you to sell them for a profit and reinvest in other valuable assets.

How to Download Fantasy Football

Here are the steps to download the Fantasy Football app and win cash rewards

Fantasy Football Download For Android

  • Launch the browser on your mobile device and visit the official website of WinZO Fantasy Football.
  • Once on the website, provide your mobile number to access the app banner.
  • Shortly, you'll receive an SMS on the same mobile number containing a link to download the app.
  • Click on the provided link to initiate the APK download process.
  • A pop-up message might appear, warning that the file could harm your device and asking if you want to proceed with the download. Rest assured that WinZO is a 100% safe app, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for all players. Select 'OK' to continue with the download.
  • After the APK file is successfully downloaded, click on the 'Open' button to start the installation process.
  • During the installation, you'll need to complete the signing-in formalities using your registered mobile number and provide your age and city information.
  • Accept the terms and conditions to proceed.
  • Congratulations! You are now ready to play Fantasy Football on WinZO.

Fantasy Football Download For iOS

  • Open the App Store and type winZO in the search bar.
  • Locate the WinZO Fantasy Football app at the top of the search results. Tap on the 'download' option to initiate the installation process.
  • Once the app is successfully downloaded, launch it and proceed with the registration process.
  • Enter your mobile number for registration and wait for the OTP to be sent to your device.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and explore the variety of fantasy sports games available on the app.
  • Tap on the Fantasy Football icon to start playing your favorite game. Enjoy your Fantasy Football experience!

Fantasy Football Point System

In the Fantasy Football game, your team's points are calculated based on the following rules:

If a player plays for 55 minutes or more: +2 points

If a player plays less than 55 minutes: +1 point


  • Every goal scored by a Striker/Attacker: +8 points
  • Every goal scored by a Midfielder: +9 points
  • Every goal scored by a Goalkeeper/Defender: +10 points
  • Every Assist that leads to a goal: +5 points
  • 10 Passes Completed by a player: +0.5 points
  • For every 2 Shots on Target: +1 point


  • Clean sheet (Midfielder): +1 point
  • Clean Sheet (GK/Defender): +5 points
  • For every three shots saved (GK): +2 points
  • For every penalty saved: +9 points
  • Successful tackle: +1 point

Other Points

  • The Captain of your team receives double the points scored, while the Vice-Captain gets 1.5 times the points scored.
  • Starting points are given to players based on their inclusion in the team once the playing teams are announced.
  • If a player is substituted before a goal is scored, the player still receives points for a clean sheet.
  • Assists will be awarded for intentional or unintentional passes that lead to a goal, winning a penalty, winning a free-kick that leads to a goal, or a cross that results in an own goal.
  • Assists will not be awarded if an opposing player touches the ball before the goal is scored or if the goal scorer loses possession and then regains it from the opposition.
  • If a player misses a penalty and scores on a rebound, they will get points for the penalty but -2 for missing it.
  • If a player misses a penalty, but the goalkeeper had no touch in saving it, the GK will not get any points.


Fantasy football offers a unique opportunity to showcase your managerial skills and knowledge of the game. By understanding how to play, familiarizing yourself with the rules, utilizing online game tricks, and implementing winning strategies, you increase your chances of emerging victorious in fantasy football.

Stay informed, analyze player performances and upcoming fixtures, and make strategic decisions to maximize your team's potential. Embrace the excitement, engage with fellow enthusiasts, and embark on a thrilling journey into the world of fantasy football. May your virtual team conquer the league and your football expertise shine through!


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Frequently Asked Questions about Football Fantasy

The duration of a fantasy football season depends on the league and competition. It can range from a single football league's season (e.g., Premier League) to an entire football season calendar.

Yes, most fantasy football leagues allow you to make transfers throughout the season. However, there are usually limitations on the number of transfers you can make in a given time period.

Tiebreakers can vary, but common factors include overall points scored, head-to-head results, goal difference, and goals scored.

Absolutely! Many fantasy football platforms offer mobile applications, allowing you to manage your team and make transfers conveniently on your smartphone or tablet.


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