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How WinZO ensures Fair Play

At WinZO Games, fair gaming is more than just a commitment. WinZO brings you a variety of skill-based games for both casual enjoyment and real-money competitions. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the comprehensive Fair Play Policy that places special emphasis on transparency, equal opportunity, and unbiased gameplay.

Key Principles the define Skill-Based Games

The skill-based games on WinZO are governed by the demonstrated skill set of the player. These games align with the legal definition of games of skill, emphasizing knowledge, training, attention, experience, and adroitness.

What are the User Responsibiites of Fair Play?

WinZO strives to provide a level playing field to all the users and hence, the onus is also on the users to engage with utmost fairness, honesty, and integrity. This includes playing games according to the rules, refraining from cheating, collusion, or any such activities that compromise fair gameplay.

Hence, users are also prohibited from dishonest practices that include cheating, using bots, hacking, colluding, submitting false information, manipulating location, or playing irresponsibly.

Ensuring Fair Gameplay: WinZO’s Measures

In order to uphold fair play, WinZO has implemented top-notch measures commensurate with industry standards. ‘

Here’s how the app ensures fairness:

RNG Certificate

The Random Number Generator (RNG) certification guarantees compliance with RNG requirements, ensuring fair outcomes. View Certificate

No Bot Certificate

Independent certification ensures our systems are bot-free, preserving the authenticity of real player actions. View Certificate

Equal Opportunity & Transparency

All rules apply equally to all participants, ensuring unbiased opportunities. We maintain transparency through accessible game rules, ‘How to Play’ tutorials, and upfront information about deductions and winnings.

Transaction Security & Fraud Detection

Our transaction security measures, as outlined in our AML Policy, prevent illicit activities. We employ user identification protocols, monitor payment activity, and implement fraud detection systems to maintain a secure environment.

Responsible Gaming

Promoting responsible gaming, we notify users of spending limits and encourage breaks during extended sessions. Our Responsible Gaming Policy provides additional details on these measures.

Responsible Gaming Policy

Disconnection Protocol

Users are responsible for their internet connection quality. In case of disconnection, we may forfeit the entire amount submitted for gameplay. Users are advised to check their connection before starting to avoid forfeiture.

Prevention of Minors

We strictly enforce age restrictions, requiring users to be at least 18. We never target minors with marketing materials and take action against any fraudulent age information.

Inappropriate Content

Users must refrain from publishing inappropriate content, ensuring a positive gaming environment for all.

Consequences of Violation

Violation of our Fair Play Policy may lead to corrective actions, including restricting or terminating user services, blocking or forfeiting amounts/prizes, and seeking refunds. Legal action may be taken if necessary.

Complaints & Grievance Redressal

Apart from the all the aforementioned pointers, if users still suspect that the Fair Play Policy has been violated, they can use our 3-tiered grievance redressal mechanism outlined in the terms and conditions sheet

Online gaming on WinZO, is all about fostering a gaming community built on integrity, transparency, and equal opportunities. As such, it becomes important for the platform and the users to play fair and make every gaming moment a winning one!



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