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5 Real Money Online Card Games for Experts

You’ve likely played card games for most of your life, but have you ever thought about taking your card-playing skills to the digital realm? If so, buckle up, because you’re in for a real treat!

We’re talking real money here, too. No one likes to leave a game empty-handed, and real money means you have something tangible to show for all your hard work. Even better, online card games are incredibly challenging, so every victory is that much sweeter. Let’s jump right in!

5 Challenging Online Card Real Money Games

Here are five options that test your skills, strategic thinking, and decision-making abilities. These games offer an exciting and competitive environment where players can compete against others for real cash prizes. Please remember to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations before participating in real money games.

  1. Bridge: The Challenging Trick-Taking Game

Bridge is a card game that involves two teams of two, with each person playing their own hand and bidding against each other for the highest score. The challenges come when you have to figure out how to take tricks, how to trump your opponents, and how to accurately bid for points.

Overall, Bridge offers an unparalleled level of strategic depth and teaches players a great deal about bidding and deductive logic. It’s no surprise that many experienced players prefer this challenging game over others

  1. Solitaire: Patience Is Key

If you’re looking for a challenge, Solitaire is definitely the game for you! One of the oldest (and most popular) card games around, this timeless classic, tests your skill and your patience. With its online presence, Solitaire isn’t just a convenient way to pass the time but also a great source of real money.

  1. Call Break: The Fast-Paced Indian Rummy Variant

Call break is an Indian Rummy variant that’s fast-paced, and you can play for real money online. In call break, each player is dealt 13 cards from a standard 52-card deck and 4 jokers. The aim is to match the cards into sets and runs similar to how you’d play in traditional Indian Rummy. The game is divided into two phases: dealing each player the thirteen cards and then playing the hands. When it comes to scoring, each team or single player takes points based on their individual performance in the round

  1. 29 Card Game: Simple but Strategic

Ah, the classic 29 card game, a simple enough game that you can learn in just a few minutes but a deceptively strategic game that takes a lot of skill to master. Usually played by families and friends for fun, a real money version of this classic game has recently been gaining traction. Players need to pick three cards and try to get as close to 29 as possible if they can reach it with exactly three cards, they automatically win! As with any card game, your success depends on your ability to recognize patterns and outsmart your opponents.

  1. Teen Patti: Bluffing is the key

If you’re looking for a card game with an element of bluffing, then Teen Patti is your go-to. The goal of the game is to get three matching cards—the higher the rank, the better and to win, you need to beat other players’ hands using strategies like betting high or low when you have a strong hand or bluffing when you don’t.

The challenge in this game lies in mastering the art of bluffing and having good poker faces! With this skill, you’ll be able to turn nothing into something more valuable. Teen Patti is definitely one of those card games that require a lot of practice before you can master it!

Engage in these challenging online card games for real money and put your skills to the test. These options offer an exciting opportunity to win cash prizes. However, it is essential to play responsibly, set limits, and adhere to the laws and regulations governing online gambling in your jurisdiction. So, get ready to shuffle the virtual deck, make calculated moves, and aim for victory in these exhilarating real money card games.


As you can see there are plenty of options when it comes to challenging real-money online card games. From bridge to call-break, solitaire to 29 card game, Teen Patti, and much more, you’re spoilt for choice! Depending on your level of expertise and the challenges you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone. Try your expertise now on India’s largest online gaming platform WINZO. Click here: – https://www.winzogames.com/ to Download now  



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