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Play Bingo Game on WinZO and Win Real Cash

Play Bingo Game on WinZO and Win Real Cash

Players: 2-4
Genres: Card Game
Playing time: 5 mins
Bingo game is an interesting game of chance where multiple players are supposed to match the numbers printed in varied patterns on cards. The game host or caller draws random numbers one-by one and call it out. The player who completes a match with the selected numbers on their card calls out ‘Bingo’ to inform others which is further examined. The competitor who completes in first position wins the arrangement and ace towards the jackpot.
Winzo Bingo gives you a common platform to make new friends, indulge in interactive hours, along with providing a chance to win amazing rewards. Whether you have an iphone or android setup, get ready for an exhilarating mobile bingo adventure with Winzo!
  • Download the Winzo App and register yourself.

  • After completing the registration process, click on the Bingo game icon.

  • Choose the game, and get ready to indulge in a never-ending Bingo adventure.

  • Before the game commences, you need to select the number cards you would like to play.

  • The more number of bingo cards increases your chances of acing bigger wins.

How To Play Points

Game Rules of Bingo Game


You can only chuck the number which is called out by the host.


Call Bingo only when you are sure that you have completed the required arrangement.


You can only chuck the number which is called out by the host.


Call Bingo only when you are sure that you have completed the required arrangement.


In case if you miss out any number then you can check the number flashing on the screen.


You also need to select the number of chances you would like to extract, that is, the number of bingo numbers you will be randomly selecting during the game.

Bingo Game Tricks


Perfect Number Cards

Make sure that you use perfect number of cards as it improves your chances of winning the game.

Be on Your Toes

Prepare yourself for the game and try to be active and quick while playing.

Sharp Memory

Try to remember which numbers you need during the game to remain in the right pace.

Increase Your Speed

The more you play, the faster you become in it which eventually helps in winning the game.

Know Your Budget

Prepare the budget and the amount you are ready to put in the game, as you might lose that mount. Once you dedicate that amount, stop playing.

Granville Strategy

It was created by Joseph Granville, despite the fact that bingo numbers are random, he felt it may detect a trend. He believed choosing the right card was the key.

Interesting Facts about Online Bingo Game

The Origin Story - Bingo Game, the Great Indian Game

Educational & Entertaining

Bingo was created by the Germans as a technique to teach numbers to youngsters.


Bingo Cards

Every week, Americans alone spend almost $90 million on bingo cards only.



Superstitious players circle around their seats three times before sitting down to ward off ill luck.


Time Spent Playing

Over half of all bingo players play the game every day. Every day, regular Bingo players spend 48% of their time playing a quick game.


History of Bingo

Bingo is not a new game and can be traced by to the 16th century. Earlier, the game of chance named lotto was quite popular in Italy during the year 1530. Later, in the 18th century, Tombola became popular in Naples and cards, tokens and calling out became part of it. By the 19th century, this game was widely played in Germany and also used to teach spelling, animal names, etc. to kids. The name Bingo gained fame in early 1920s.

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