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Play WinZO Solitaire Game Online

Play WinZO Solitaire Game Online

Players: 2-4
Genres: Card Game
Playing time: 5 mins
Solitaire is amongst the popular card games and gamers irrespective of their age, love to play it. The game is called Patience in many parts of the world. This single-player comes in countless variants, whereas the target is to organize the cards in a set order as quickly as possible.
Klondike is the most played version of Solitaire and requires concentration and skills to complete the game like an expert. You need to follow a set of maneuvers within the game rules, and arrange the cards in numerical order, keeping the suits unchanged.
Solitaire games played with a conventional deck of playing cards are a long-standing pastime that has been enjoyed by people for over two centuries, even before the game was available on your computer. They are thought to have originated in Germany, where they were first described in the late 1800s. However, in the early nineteenth century, when some of the best solitaire games were produced, their popularity peaked in France.

How to Play Solitaire Card Game

How to play solitaire game

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Online solitaire how to play

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  • A Solitaire screen is divided into 4 main sections comprising the piles, stock, waste (discarded cards), and foundations.

  • The cards should be moved to the four foundations in a certain order, starting with Ace and finishing with King.

  • The 7 piles of cards showcase the facade of the upper card, whereas the other cards are hidden. On moving the upper card, you can see the card immediately below it.

  • You can move full and partial sequences within the piles. However, the empty space can be only filled by Kings.

  • The game is finished when all four portions are organised suite-wise in ascending order. It's a timed game in which you must finish the task within the allotted time.


Rules of Solitaire Game


You need to follow the suite while setting the cards in the ascending order.


You can move only one card at a go, until and unless you are moving a sequence of the same suite.


You need to follow the suite while setting the cards in the ascending order.


You can move only one card at a go, until and unless you are moving a sequence of the same suite.


While moving a card to a column, make sure that it is one less in rank and feature the opposite color.


The Stock pile comprises the remaining cards that are missing on the screen. You can go hit them to find the required cards to complete the sequence.

Solitaire Game Tips and Tricks


First Stock Card

Open the first Stock card as the game begins. This will give you a broader idea of the gameplay and you can evaluate the required moves.

Resolve the Piles

Try to resolve the piles displayed on the screen. The hidden cards are the key to solving the missing sequence.

Limited Moves

Keep your moves limited to collect higher gains as the game proceeds.

Check Alternative Moves

Stay patient before moving a card to the foundation pile. There might be another alternative move, and you need to be sure before making a shift.

Keep Sequence in Mind

Add the Aces and Deuces to the foundation as these are the base cards.

Power of Undo

Use the undo button if you think you made a wrong move.

Interesting Facts about Solitaire Game

The Origin Story – Solitaire, the Great Indian Game

Fortune Telling Game

The game is also known as Patience. Initially, the game was used as a form of fortune-telling.



Its origin appears to be in the late 1700s, with prominence across northern Europe and Scandinavia.


Solitaire Variations

Available in hundreds of different kinds, a slight variation can be classified amongst all the solitaire games.


The Latin Meaning

The term solitaire is derived from the Latin word solitarius. Microsoft's Solitaire PC game has been around for 28 years.


Solitaire Game Online Strategy Tips

  1. By opening the first stock card at the beginning of the Solitaire game, you will get broader details of the game ahead, making you evaluate accordingly and setting up the required moves.
  2. Try to solve the piles as quickly as possible. You can focus on unavailable cards once you have set the Foundation sequences at your best.
  3. Don’t hassle to empty a pile. Remember that always a King card can be placed at the empty piles. Check if your King card is available and obstructing your sequence, then you must surely empty a pile and move the king card and subsequent if any.
  4. You must avoid transferring cards from the Stock to the Foundations sets if you wish to earn more points.
  5. If you have two cards with the same value but different suits, then you can test transferring them with the use of the undo button. It is the best way to ensure a safe game for yourself.

The Object of the Solitaire Game

The goal of the solitaire game is to move and play specific cards in a specific order, starting with the ace and working your way up to the king, to create suite-wise foundations. Within the foundations, you must place the entire pack. You win the game as soon as you finish laying the foundation sequences.

Benefits of Playing Solitaire online

The following are some of the most prevalent advantages of playing solitaire online:

  1. It is a great approach to re-energize oneself because the solitaire online game incorporates mild brain activity and aids in stress relief.
  2. Solitaire is a great way to pass the time when you're bored, and as you move cards from one location to another and work your way through the game, it's a lot of fun.
  3. Patience is one of the most important things that the solitary game teaches you. Because you'll need patience to finish the game. When you play the game on a regular basis, you develop patience.
  4. Sets tactics: The solitaire game teaches you how to establish strategies and how to move cards according to them.

History of Solitaire

It is a single-player game whose origins may be traced back to the 17th-18th centuries in Germany or Scandinavia. Later, the game traveled across Europe, and by the 19th century, the famous version of the solitaire game known as 'Klondike' became a household name even in North America. With the growth of personal computers and laptops, the present-day solitaire game became of the most famous online games.



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Frequently Asked Questions about Solitaire Game

The following are the steps to play solitaire online: Download a gaming app that offers a solitaire game. After completing the registration process, click on the solitaire game icon. Start playing the game, you need to set the foundation piles in ascending order while following the suites.

Solitaire is a popular online card game that is also known as Patience in many countries. Earlier it used to be a single-player game, however, today it comes in multiple varieties and can be played with partners. The aim of this game is to organize the foundation rows in ascending order as quickly as possible.

Solitaire in general is a single-player game and can be played alone. You need to download a gaming app on your mobile or laptop to play this game online. Winzo solitaire is a popular choice for those who love playing solitaire games online.

The following are the tips to play solitaire game: Open the first stock card in the beginning, you will get to know the game ahead. Try to solve the piles as quickly as possible. Don’t hassle to empty a pile. Avoid transferring cards from Stock to the Foundations sets.

The game can be played with multiple players, however, it depends upon the variation which you are playing.

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