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Know about How to Play Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket is a strategy-based online sports game in which you must assemble a virtual team of actual cricketers who will compete in real tournaments across the world. You gain points based on how well these players perform in real-life matches. The goal is to select your top 11 players from the teams that are playing on any given day and outscore your opponents.

For Indian sports fans, WinZO has created one of the most inventive and enticing fantasy cricket games. You can participate in T20, ODI, and Test cricket matches in a variety of home leagues, international tournaments, and ICC fixtures.

Fantasy cricket is more than just a game of chance; it’s also a game of skill, requiring strong analytical and forecasting abilities. You will be able to gather the knowledge you need to overcome the odds and win the game if you have a solid understanding of the game of cricket and do some research. With game analysis and professional teams, competing against gamers from all around the country and earning substantial financial awards has never been easier.

Playing fantasy games on the WinZO Sports App is a completely frictionless experience, from downloading the app to competing for prizes. After that, you’ll be taken to the homepage page, where the Fantasy tab can be found near the bottom. For any game, you have the option of forming your own fantasy squad.

7 Steps of How to Play Fantasy Cricket

1. Choose a Match

A list of all upcoming matches from the current or future series will be available. Participate in a contest: You will be offered with a variety of contests to pick from. You can enter any contest based on your level of fantasy knowledge. Beginner fantasy gamers can also participate in free tournaments to practise and familiarise themselves with the programme before joining a more competitive fantasy league.

2. Choose the Members of Your Team 

Once you’ve decided the contest to participate, you’ll be sent to a page where you may select the members of your team. Create a WinZO Fantasy team with a total budget of 100 credits using your expertise and skills. Each player’s credit score is displayed to the right of his name.

3. Save and Register Team

You can make as many modifications to your WinZO fantasy teams as you want until the game’s registration deadline.

4. Analyse the Pitch Performance

In every match pitch plays a very important role, sometimes it could make or break a match. Every venue has a different pitch and most cases they are drastically different from each other. A player’s performance especially a bowler can majorly depend on the pitch performance. 

5. Know about the Player’s Performance

Many a times the public has preconceived notions about a player but it isn’t necessary that all those notions will be true. While making your own team you should research about every player, understand their current form and accordingly take a call. 

6. Find out If the Players are in the Game

You’ll need to know if a specific player is available on that particular day, because the worst thing you can do is captain someone only to find out later that he’s injured or unavailable for that particular match. Choose guys that are reliable and have a firm place on the team. If you have any doubts, the best thing to do is not to take them.

7. Extra Bonus Points

You can earn extra points for catches, stumpings, and run-outs, so keep an eye on players who are performing well on the field. Even if a player bats down in the order, he can contribute to your extra points with a couple of catches or a run-out.

Focus on the factor that provides extra points, like the chosen captain and vice-captain have extra points 2x and 1.5x each respectively.

Try to Choose Batsmen That Belong to the Top of the Order

If two teams are participating, aim to include as many top-order batters as feasible in the lineup. The reason is that  top-order batters face more balls, and can score more runs, limiting opportunities for middle-order batsmen. To maximize your chances of scoring more points than expected, choose players in the first four spots.

Fantasy cricket on WinZO is fairly easier because over here the experts create a team for you and choose the best players for you. You just need to go and select a team while keeping all the above points in mind and voila! You might be able to win and win cash rewards and huge prizes.

Download the WinZO app today and register to play Fantasy on your favourite platform.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fantasy Cricket

Q – How to make a team in fantasy cricket?

A – Its super easy to make team in Fantasy Cricket.  Pick an expert’s team or choose your own players. You must pick 11 players and you can pick a maximum of 7 players from one team.

Q – How to win in fantasy cricket? 

A – Here are a few tips that will help you win at Fantasy Cricket. 

1. Pick your team based on the pitch, whether it’s a batting or bowling friendly surface.

2. Experiment with a 6–5 combination.

3. After examining their performance, choose players.

Q – Is it good to play fantasy cricket?

A – When you play cricket with the app, you have a greater understanding of the game and strategy. With each game, you can improve various talents while playing your favourite sport. Play hard to win fascinating prizes, as well as a large sum of money and reward points.

Q – Is fantasy cricket legal in India?

A – Yes, playing Fantasy Cricket is legal in India. Always try and play on apps that are safe and secure like WinZO. 

Q – Is there any trick to win fantasy cricket?

A – The trick is to choose the right team if you do not have a team that performs well and can be a winning combination then you have low chances of winning.



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