Dots & Boxes

  • Objective: The objective of this skill-based is to make as many square as possible on a grid of dots by connecting adjacent dots through vertical or horizontal lines. Dots and Boxes is a two-person strategy game, played over an unfilled grid, with the objective being to attain the maximum number of squares ascribed to a player to get the maximum number of points in the game. Players take turns joining two horizontally or vertically adjacent dots by a line. The one who completes all four sides, forming a 1x1 box, earns one point and gets an additional chance. The players are required to devise a strategy to complete maximum number of squares while preventing the opponent from forming squares. The player should also have tactful awareness to assess the moves of the opponents and quickly come up with a counter to such moves by the opponent. The game completes when there are no more dots to form a line. A player who is good at problem solving may be able to perform at a higher level. Players will be able to come up with new strategies with regular practice. Scoring: 1. For each box the player completes, he/she gets 1 point and an additional chance Total Duration of the game: The game will last till all the 25 boxes are completed or 5 min, whichever is earlier. The following information is provided to the players on the screen: 1. Score of both the players: The player can see the his and opponents score in real time The player who makes the maximum boxes and thereby scores maximum points is announced to be the winner of the game. The aggregate contributions by all players will constitute the Prize Money Pool. The amount in the Prize Money Pool is credited to the wallet of the winning player(s) after deducting the Platform Fee (when applicable) charged by WinZO for providing players access to the game. Fair play:- Players must play the game fairly, impartially, and as per its rules, without employing unfair means, cheating, or collusion. Our games use cryptographically secure Random Number Generation algorithms to provide fair and equitable games for all our users. Our games are independently certified by third party for our RNG algorithms and No usage of Bots in the system. You may access WinZO's Certifications from here: certification All games that are available on WinZO go through various statistical tests for determining element of Skill in games. Only games that pass through such tests are allowed on WinZO. To know more about this tests, please click here: Methodology for Determination Onboarding Games of Skill on WinZO WinZO may employ a normalisation metric to pool players across games for hosting a contest. Disclaimer:- The game's rules must be read in conjunction with WinZO's terms & conditions. Players are deemed to have read and accepted WinZO's terms and conditions if they play the game.