1. How to play to win?

In order to play, you must subscribe with us by paying a small subscription fee. Every 15 minutes, a deal would appear on your screen, each deal having 5-8 questions. The fastest to answer among all the players in a particular deal, wins. To know more, visit Rule Book.

2. How does WinZO decide who has won?

For every deal, there are multiple players fighting against time. The one who answers the fastest among all, wins.

3. Why do I have to wait for 15 minutes to play again?

Well, that is the format of the game. We have a new deal every 15 mins as of now. This is a dynamic feature and can change in due course.

4. How do I get more details about the product in the deal that I am playing?

While you are starting to play, the deal appears on your screen. Click on the product picture and scroll down in order to read the details.

5. How many questions do I have to play to win the deal?

In order to complete a Challenge, you must answer 5-8 questions correctly and at the fastest.

6. I have won. How do I claim my prize?

Once you win the deal, you will receive a notification. If you are an unpaid user, you must claim the prize within 24 hours of winning by paying the subscription fee. Go to the notification, update your address and then click on ‘Claim’. If you are a paid user, you must claim it before your subscription period expires. And then follow the Claim process.

7. How do I know if I will actually get my prize? What is the credibility of the application?

WinZO has been running the App since February 2017. In the last one month of our existence, we’ve had 500+ winners who have actually claimed their prizes. In order to interact with our winners, you can follow us on Facebook. You can read our reviews on App Store/ Play Store, as well. We are also happy to share our Media coverage so far.

8. I was trying to sign in, but did not receive the OTP. What do I do now?

First of all, you must check if you’re in a complete network coverage area. If you are, then try clicking on ‘resend OTP’. If you still fail to get the OTP, you can chat with us or write to our support team at support@winzogames.com and we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

9. While signing in, I entered the wrong mobile number. How do I change it now?

In such cases, you should write to our support team at support@winzogames.com so that your account with the incorrect mobile number can be deleted, thus making it possible for you to create a new one.

10. I want a Product. The offer says, ‘Level 32 + 5000 INR’. What does that mean?

In case you have visited the ‘redeem’ section and selected the prize, it suggests that you must collect 32 Levels, clear them all and then go to ‘redeem’ and claim your prize. However, you would be asked to pay a small amount of the product which would be 5000 INR in this case.

11. Why can’t I play the games on the website?

You must note that in order to play you must download the application first. You can’t play on the website in any case.

12. I don’t want to pay any money. Can I still continue playing?

WinZO offers you a complete Trial Period of 3 days, when you have complete access to the game. However, post your trial period you must pay a subscription fee in order to play. If you don’t pay, you will have access to only 5 games per day and you won’t be able to redeem. For more details, visit the ‘All about Subscription’ section of the Rule Book.

13. What should I do if I don’t receive my prize within 7 days of winning the deal?

WinZO makes sure that your product gets delivered to you on time. However, in case we fail to do so, you can contact the courier person by using the tracking id given to you. Or else, you can write to our Support team at support@winzogames.com or chat with us anytime.

14. How do I win Levels?

One way to win more Levels is by collecting sub Levels. If you answer all the questions in a Challenge correctly even though you fail to be the fastest, you still win a sub Level. Approximately, 20 sub-Levels make up to one Level.

15. My subscription is over. Can I redeem even after the subscription gets over?

You can’t redeem after your subscription is over. You must be a subscriber in order to redeem.

16. I have problem logging in. What do I do?

Firstly make sure that you are in a complete network access area. If you are, there might be a possibility that you have created two different accounts. In such a case, you should write to the support team at support@winzogames.com so that they can find out the issue and resolve it at the earliest.

17. I am pressing on ‘submit’ option but my answer does not get submitted. What shall I do?

To continue playing, you need to be in an area with strong internet connection. If you still face the same problem, you can write to us at– support@winzogames.com or chat with us.

18. I am not able to play from different accounts on the same mobile?

Playing from different accounts on one phone is against the rules of WinZO Games. In case you attempt to do so, both your ids would be blocked.

19. How can I renew the subscription?

Subscription can be renewed anytime. Renewing subscription would add 30 days from the date of expiry of the game, irrespective of when you renew.

20. How can I track my order?

Once you win, WinZO will send you a notification about when your product will dispatch. You will then receive a Tracking ID from WinZO via SMS. You can track your order and contact the courier service, for your convenience. However, we would require a time period of 15 days in order to get the product delivered to you.

21. How do update my Address?

Follow these steps to update the address – Go to ‘profile’. Click on ‘Edit’ sign near the picture and update.

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The user should be 18+ to register and play games.

For additional information you can get in touch at support@winzogames.com